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Found 5 results

  1. Installing my AAW harness in my 1970 Convertible. Would appreciate any pictures of how anyone has installed/secured/routed the AAW harness from the fusebox out. Particularly interested how harness was looped back under dash so the headlight switch/wiper switch/steering column connectors would up in the right place. My dash is out, dealing with a bare firewall. Thanks!
  2. My VHX gauge system is on the way. Any pictures/hints/lessons learned about wiring it up, where to locate and mount the interface box would be greatly appreciated. I will post my progress on my 1970 convertible project site once I get started.
  3. While my coupe is at he body shop, I am trying to keep busy getting parts ready to go back on the car when it returns. I have the lower dash cleaned up and painted, as well as a newly refurbished harness from Midlife. Does it make any sense to start installing the harness on the lower dash before putting it back in the car?
  4. I am looking for a standard (no clock) passenger side dash panel.
  5. The speaker in my dash had been cracked for some year, which really annoyed me. My dash is dark brown and since I live in Denmark, buying and dyeing a new one would cost me a lot. So i made a cheap solution I wanted to share: I cut out all the area of the dash with the small holes for the dash speaker, which was completely cracked. I then bought some speaker mesh for a 6x9 JVC car speaker. I cut and folded it to fit the hole. I realized that there was about 9mm room from the edge of the dash to the speaker mount underneath, so I folded it twice to make it a usable space. Then I got some thin speaker fabric to place underneath the mesh, so the speaker underneath isn't visible. Finally I got some 2mm PVC sheet, that I cut a frame out of, to cover the edges. And now I have a new place to lay my sunglasses. A cheap solution that cost me about $25, just wanted to share. ✌ï¸
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