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Found 1 result

  1. I apologize if this is a basic question...but I have been searching the forums for quite some time, and it's now time to ask for some help. I have a '69 Automatic, with a 302, no AC. I've always been able to hear an occasional cylinder miss when idling, and the exhaust has always had a strong smell (I assume that means I've been running a bit rich). Now, this is the year to finally do that full tuneup... Bought a Pertronix ignitor, and installed. Went well, no apparent issues. Didn't seem to help with the miss, but car ran fine initially. Bought cap, rotor, plugs, wires, fuel filter. All basic stuff, right? After changing all of the above (gapped plugs to .040), car starts fine, but dies in reverse or drive (low idle, under load) OK, so out comes the timing light and tach. Checked timing - WOW, way off - not even on the scale. Found TC, and made sure my balancer hadn't moved, or timing chain jumped, etc. (I had replaced timing chain about 5000 miles ago, so I doubt it was the crappy factory gears). Set timing to 10BTC. HUGE steady misfire at high RPM only. still idles fairly smooth. Checked compression. All cylinders at about 130, but 5 and 6 were at 120. All seemed to hold compression, no slow leak. Checked carb vacuum - 17-18", very steady. Noticed carb is leaking a small amount of oil on the passenger side. tightened carb a bit. Again, manifold vacuum was good, so not sure if that is a major issue right now. (assume oil is from pcv...) So, here I am. Car fires up fine, idles good. After it warms up, I set idle to 950, set timing to 8BTC, and then put it in drive...it LOOKS like it would be idling at about 600 in drive before it starts to sputter and die. One thing - I noticed that with the timing light on, and rev'ing to 3-4000RPM, the timing seems to increase, but only to about 12BTC. Shouldn't it jump to about 30-34? Could I be looking at a vacuum advance issue? It's not manifold vaccum, so mechanical? Am I adjusting things in the wrong order? I always assumed you set high idle, adjusted timing, then worried about low idle... Please...any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance. :oops:
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