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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening! Starting to get the car back from the shop after the big accident this summer. The shop guy put a new top on, and I have a question: in the attached picture, you can see that the foam is visible on the end of the windlace. Is this normal? Should it be sealed somehow? If so, is it something I can do once I get the car back so I can get it sooner, or do I need to have the top guy come back out to the shop. Thanks!
  2. Planning my exhaust system for my 1970 convertible. Have a Windsor Base stroker with Hedmann shorty headers and a C6 automatic. At the back have a TCP panhard bar suspension with sway bar. I am looking for some pictures, experience, lessons learned for routing the exhaust above the square metal reinforcement plate that is used on the convertibles. I have seen factory exhaust pipes run above that plate, parallel to the driveshaft. I want to run 2-1/2 inch pipes, and will use custom mufflers. I plan to run over the rear axle and out through the valence.
  3. I am going to be resurrecting my 1970 top frame from scratch (pieces). I am looking for pictures of the bare frame, how the frame hooks to the body, and what the top looks like when it is down from the trunk area without the well cover installed. I am routing power cables through that area, and also installing some gadgets (power amp, etc) in the area where the top assembly might come down. Since my top is no where close to being done, figured I would see if anyone had some pictures from their restoration. Thanks!!!
  4. Pair of Convertible Boot Hockey Stick Moldings for 1969-1970 Mustangs used re-chromed not concourse. These are the moldings at the top of the quarter panel at the base of the convertible top. Includes stud and nut mounting kit. Sold as a pair $100.00us Plus freight ex NZ. Attached Thumbnails
  5. Hi, this is my first post, I been reading some of the great info, thanks to everyone who provides the technical know how. If you have restored a convertible how did you deal with the drip pans, that are under the rear deck filler panel? Here is a picture of one side of my car. I managed to repair this side since it had holes in the center, but the outside edge was good. If you are interested you read about the repair here: http://www.theracg.com/2013/07/removing-the-deck-filler-panel/'>http://www.theracg.com/2013/07/removing-the-deck-filler-panel/ The problem I have is that the other side is like Swiss cheese and really needs to be replaced. No one sells, that I know of, a replacement. So what did any of the readers here do? I got to believe that they all rust out. But the strange thing is I cannot find much on this site, nor through google. Any thoughts, recommendations, or other ideas? Oh I did check around for a donor, but no luck, pretty much all I looked at were as bad, or worse than mine.. Thanks for your help, Rod. You can read my resto-mod journey from purchase to current state at: http://www.theracg.com
  6. Everyone, looking for some help. I just picked up a 1969 Mustang Convertible. It came equipped with the 302 V8 2v. Currently, it has the standard factory single exhaust installed. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust from single to dual, but wondering if anyone else has done this, how it turned out, what 'kit' you bought and if you are happy with the change. I am looking for some additional performance and better sound. Open to any and all suggestions. Thank for your help lads. [ATTACH]15099[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15100[/ATTACH]
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