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Found 2 results

  1. I know this has been discussed before, but as products keep evolving and I'm a novice I hope someone might have some recommendation. I need a new cam for my stang. Here are first my specs: 302 engine Edelbrock Performer RPM Top end kit (Heads, manifold, chain...) Edelbrock E-Street EFI Stock Torque converter 3.55 rear gear I don't know my compression, but my mechanic thinks it's 8.5:1 I had the Edelbrock Performer RMP Cam that came with the Top End kit, but it broke and I would like something else/better as I understand it's a pretty bad cam. I would obviously like as much power as possible, but I'm mostly interested in a calm idle and low end rpm power, cause I use the car as an everyday car also in city traffic, and mainly have fun accelerating below 3000 rpm. So one that has a range starting at 1500rpm may be cool. Or would I loose too many overall horses? A quick googling suggests that a Com Cam XE262H might be a good fit? Or what about the Voodoo cams. I read they should be good too? Or something else? So a nice idle with as much low rpm power is what I'd like :-) Thanks, Kaspar
  2. I know absolutely NOTHING about engines. I'm a danish filmmaker, but had a childhood dream of driving a '69 Mustang that came true recently when I purchased a restored '69 Coupe. I'm very happy with it. Everything runs perfectly. I chose this one, because it's totally restored, but am still considering to get more HP and torque. From what I've read changing the Heads and Camshaft will increase it without being too big an operation. So my Coupe has a 302 2V engine, but there has already been made some mods: Edelbrock CFM500 Carburator with Spacers Tri-Y Headers Red Eagle Transmission, Shift Kit HEI Distributor Suspension, Disc Brakes, Oil Pump, Drive Shaft, and a lot more not directly related to the engine. Now if I want to purchase a new set of aluminium heads, I am looking at a set of 185cc AFR, but then some people are talking about the cheaper GT40 heads, but what is the difference? Of course I'd like to go with the less expensive option, but would still like to get as close to 300HP as possible. Looking at Ebay, the AFR is about $1000 more expensive than the GT40, which is quite a lot. Sorry for my ignorance, but hopefully someone can explain it to me as if I was a child. Also which Camshaft should I choose? I do have a mechanic friend that can do the work for me, but he doesn't know about these different options. According to him it's all about experience and community, therefor I ask here :001_unsure: Thanks a lot in advance!
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