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Found 1 result

  1. Found a 1970 Mustang today that I really like. Been looking for 6 months in Los Angeles to find a vintage mustang. Learned a lot but still learning. Not a mechanic and need this to be a daily driver, although I do not drive long distances and work for myself. Can't understand buying a new car if I can have a vintage Mustang! Here are the details of the car. Need your feedback THANK YOU!! -Dana I was originally planning on spending around $10,000 for a reliable car that's been restored a good bit. This car needs some work, but the foundation seems to be there. I drove it today. Starts up first crank. Great pick up. Power breaks do make a strange fan like noise that I would like to get fixed. any idea how much? Steering was pretty loose. Cost? I think I might be able to get it for @ $4,000. Worth it?!?! and make the upgrades/restore on my own? details: 1970 mustang coupe v-8. Motivated seller - girlfriend is making him asking $4500 - reduced from $5500 Good -strong 302 v-8 with fresh oil change -brand new tires with less than 100 miles on them -brand new stereo sytem with great rear speakers -interior is complete with carpet and seats all complete (100 percent complete) -heater works great with defroster Bad -no ac -steerings a bit loose -rear bumbper is bent and new one is 70 dollars on craigslist. -paint is chipped here and there and is about 6/10 -car might need new linkage for the tranny, but works fine and will last -right blinker doesn't work -power breaks make fan like noise
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