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Found 4 results

  1. From Kenneth Collins on his FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/badshoe/ "I’m extending my special deal through Dec. 2017, I’m offering a $5.00 discount on all single DVD and download titles. They are now $25.95 for download or $30.95 for US sales ($50.95 on Canadian sales) with shipping included. To take advantage of this deal, simply select one title under the special deal discount link, thanks……Ken." Bad Shoe Productions How To Video Series - Ford Transmissions & Rears I am only a happy customer having purchased his FMX video's and having Ken reply to my stupid transmission questions on his FB page. You may ask him questions too, even if you have not purchased any of his products.
  2. Hi all, I have a 4R70W automatic trans in my 69. I tried to adapt the original 69 Ford shifter, but the gate will never be correct. PRND12 is in different locations on the 69 shifter throw. It's beyond my fabrication skills to fix it. I was able to get the linkage figured out to drive the car, but its not safe until the gate and reverse lockout work properly. Who has installed an aftermarket shifter in their 69 or 70 irrregardless of trans model? Has anyone been able to do it without cutting up the center console? Thank you. John
  3. Hello everyone, I have a 69 Mustang with a stock 70 351C and C6 transmission. I think the C6 is on its last leg and am considering a AOD swap, or spend ~$1000 on c6 rebuild (beefed up for future rebuild). In the future I am thinking 351W stroker 408 with about ~500 hp so the transmission would need to handle the hp. Or just build the cleveland to ~500 hp, but can decide later as that is a few years away. I see a lot of articles online and in this forum about converting c4 or FMX transmissions to AOD and that there are parts and conversion kits available for such. Also most of these conversion kits are for 289, 302 and 351W. But I cannot find much information or conversion kits for my 70' 351C and C6 to AOD (with 4r70w internals for longevity and increased hp capacity). Can you all knowing owners please point me to some information or list of parts needed for this type of swap. Can I use the 351w parts? What about the yoke and drive shaft? Thank you, Sean
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a 69 Mach 1 that currently has a 70 c6 transmission. The car does not have a neutral safety switch installed and the wiring at the firewall is crossed to let the engine start. okay, yes, but I can start the engine in any gear...so not good! And also have no back up lights. Therefore I would like to install the neutral safety switch. So know I need to decide with one to purchase. As you can see from the table and picture, the 69 and 70 are different, where the 70 has taller standoffs to clear the locking column lever. But my 69 does not have a locking column. Does this mean I should use the 68-69 part? If so this would be great since companies like Scott Drake are making them, but no one makes the 70 part, which mean NOS and big money. C7ZZ-B C6 '68-'69 Transmission One Quad Plug D0ZZ-B C6 '70-'72 before 12/1/71 Transmission One Quad Plug with taller standoffs to clear locking column lever.
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