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Found 2 results

  1. While working on my car today the DS window glass came unglued at the rear bracket. I genuinely don't know what made this happen, the car was on jackstands on the frame rails with window half rolled down and suddenly I heard a bad sound. Yes my window has been rattling for years, is that not normal? (joking). The glass is okay which is great. I am sure that since the whole glass assembly has to come out that now is the time to replace any worn parts, like the regulator and my decrepit window/door weatherstripping. I would like to know what I should go ahead and purchase besides the obvious (regulator, weatherstripping, and glue). I don't have the money for a bolt in glass replacement right now. Unless someone has a deal and isn't too far away. Which glue have people had good luck with? I will read every existing forum and watch every video before I ask dumb questions about dis/reassembly and adjustment. I already marked where the bolts are in the slots but haven't done any disassembly yet. Mainly I don't want to forget to buy certain parts I can't think of, as I want to purchase said parts asap.
  2. All, I am restoring my 69, and currently in process of cleaning up the frame so I can paint and treat with undercoat (all functional parts removed from frame). When I removed the stock slave cylinder bracket from the underside of the main beam (drivers side), it had 3 bolts holding it in place. One on the inside going in horizontally, and two going in (more or less) vertically (through the bracket) up into frame. One of the fasteners on the underside, was a bolt that goes into a nut (or nut plate) that was held fast in the frame. The other- oddly - was a bolt with a head on the inside of the frame, and a nut on the underside (outside). My problem is that this second fastener (a bolt with a head on the interior of the frame) on the underside is loose inside the frame. It has "some metal" attached to the head (can't see it), it can be freely turned, but can't come out of the frame - best I can tell. It's kind of hard to describe, so go to this video so you can see the area and the bolt in the frame: I'm baffled how this went together in the first place, AND how to fix it. If you have a solution or advice - I would greatly appreciate it. Jay
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