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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon, I just re-built my pump, getting things back on the car, and I noticed that the pump belt that I have (I doubt it's correct) doesn't allow for very much adjustment of the pump. Basically, I tighten the belt very close the to the "loosest" setting on the adjustment bracket. I even have to put the belt on the pulley as I am mounting the pump, or it won't clear the pulley. I've always had clearance issues with the pump and the oil pressure gauge, and I (just noticed that the pump isn't quite straight up. (the filler neck is tilted toward the driver side, not straight up) Can anyone confirm whether the proper position of the power steering pump filler neck is supposed to be straight up? (as viewed from the front) I suspect this belt is just a bit too small. Anyone have a size/length or part number of the correct belt? The markings on the belt I have are "YCO 15470 Made in USA". It's a ribbed belt. Thanks in advance, -Tom
  2. Hi, I am looking for some lightly used seatbelts. They do not have to be original just in good working order. I'm slowly restoring my coupe and will get the period correct seatbelts eventually but want something a little cheaper for now just so I can drive it legally. Let me know what you have. A set would be preferred but if you just have front 3 points I will also want those. Thanks!
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