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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I want better handling in my car. I want it to handle like a newer car (some say you can't do it, others say you can get it better than a newer car). I started out with 5k in mind, but I just got a quote from TCP for $10,500. Now that's a complete suspension (Rack, Upper and lower, coilover, strut rods, antiroll, pumps, hoses etc for front, Subframe Connectors and G-bar coilover setup with antiroll in the rear). I definitely want the internals of my car to be brand new since I'm slowly transforming this car into a daily driver for decades to come. I'm just double checking my work to make sure this is the route I should go or are there components I should switch out from TCP to another brand? Also, I would love to have a lower cost, but I've heard that Unisteer is a cheap rack from a few different shops. I've also heard cons about Flaming River. Who has switched to a Rack? How do you feel about it? As of now I have a pretty stock car with a fairly new manual steering box, Willwood disks all around, 18" wheels and it's fun to drive. I'm just getting sick of manual and I'd like it to handle better around corners and be easier to drive.
  2. Well, here we are the day before Thanksgiving. Some of us are stuck at work, some are traveling, and others are already out in the garage being thankful for the horsepower that has been given them. We will be closed tomorrow and Mike will be the only guy answering the phone Friday (7-3) and Saturday (8-1). That's Pacific time, of course. You can also stop in for will calls. However, that's not the only way you can save. We are not going to limit our sales to just one day, or just one weekend. All of the special pricing and discount codes are live NOW on our website. They're good through December 31st. You can use them ordering online or over the phone. CLICK HERE To View Sales and Discount Codes on Suspension and Chassis Components from Total Control Products!
  3. I thought some people on the forum might find this video interesting. Jason Lewis of AUTOedit Restorations initially made a small name for himself as the guy behind the Viper-powered Maverick and, later, the Formula Drift semi-truck video. We met him back in 2007 when he needed front suspension for that project. Jason's latest project is a '73 Mustang coupe which he affectionately refers to as 'Large Marge.' He called me a couple weeks ago and we went over some options for the car. He just sent us a link to this video he put together of his install. Jason really puts together a great video; he keeps it interesting and can get technical without going super geeky. Anyway, check out the video below and be sure to check out some of the other awesome videos on his YouTube channel HERE. I was going to embed but couldn't find the correct BB code that works for this forum.
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