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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, Have a bit of an odd question and I'm probably overthinking it. So, I've had my 69 Mach 1 for 3 years now. I love it, but when I first got it I didn't really have a place to work on it. So when getting it up and restored, I had to do it through a reputable mechanic or just let it sit. The goal of having this car was being able to learn about it and work on it myself, but I decided to get the car safe and drive-able. I now have a small garage and want to start doing some modifications (EFI being one at the top of my list), but I know I need someone to show me the ropes. I could watch a thousand YouTube videos (and I have), but someone has to look at my particular Mach 1, what's been done to it (before me and after) and really hold my hand through this process. Plus, I want to learn by doing. Has anyone ever looked for a mentor to help them learn about their car? I don't really know anyone locally, so I'm thinking of joining the local chapter of a mustang club here in Los Angeles. If anyone has any additional advice about how to learn about my car so I can start working on it myself, that would be great. You guys are the pros, so just thought I would ask in case there's more to consider.
  2. Last time I wrote something on here I had just put the car up on a cart and pulled the rear end out. I have now come a long way and have actually started putting her back together. I found out a few things along the way. This was a one owner car out of Florida, and at one time she was hit on the rear passenger side. The frame was not bent so she is still square but the wheel well had crinkles in it and there was brazing on the B-pillar. Because she was from Florida she was a total rust bucket and I found this all out the hard way. I was suppose to only have to do some minor repairs and put the carburetor and drive shaft in and she would be a drivable car and probably would have been for some one not as particular as I am. I have since pulled off most of the sheet metal and started replacing it with all new parts. I have started putting the trunk floor back in and just need to weld the seam between the new floor pans and trunk floor. I have put in a new fire wall and need to finish the seam between the new floor pan and fire wall. Replaced the cowling, passenger outer rocker panel, and both outer cowlings. I have also deleted the air vents at the kick panels and welded in a solid panel. I have The 1/4 panels, tail light panel, wheel wells and trunk brace screwed in right now for fitment. As soon as I finish the trunk floor seam I will weld in the rest of the rear end.
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