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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I have a 1969 fastback and recently I put in a 302 bored .30 over, B cam, roller pedestal rockers, and a Holley carb with the number L6R1B (Not sure on the CFM size, assuming 600) and that is connected to a T5 Ford Racing Transmission and Ford 9" with 3.73 gears. Sorry for all the information but I am trying to narrow it down since I know all those questions will be asked anyway. The current carburetor is a regular $320 one from Autozone and recently it has been studdering under mid RPM throttle hits. That is not the question that I am wondering, I am wondering what the best carburetor setup would be for this car with the given info and that it is also my daily with mostly city driving and a decent amount of short distance highway. I know this might sound redundant but I want to have the best MPG's and also the most power possible. I would rather sacrifice the MPG part of course. Thanks to everyone in advance as I am new to the forum but not new to the daily driven classic car struggle!
  2. Hey folks, So I have rebuilt roller 302 with an RPM intake, B cam and Tri-y's. I have an Edelbrock 1406 600cfm performer carb and it's running quite rich. I was told, and had read in a few places that a 500 CFM carb is really the way to go, so I found a used on for a good price that was on a V6 chevy motor. I installed the carb and I can't get the car to idle below 1K RPM, previously is was idling around 750-800 with a nice burble. So I go to a specialist carb rebuilder to ask if they have a jet and rod kit for the carb and the old guy says that the 500 is too small and the engine is going to run lean. so now I have 2 carbs and more confusion. Any of you guys care to add to my store of conflicting knowledge? Thanks in advance.
  3. I recently dropped in a ATK HP06 Ford 302 base engine 300hp. I want to do some mild/cheap upgrades nothing serious or a real project. I was wondering what would the best roller rockers be? Also, what would some similar upgrades be? I'm looking to make the most hp out of this but on a small budget and also without having my car off the road for long. Here are the stats: Horsepower: 300 Torque: 336 lb/ft Block: Seasoned OE Roller Block Bore/Stroke: 4.040 x 3.000 Year Range: 1987-1995 Displacement: 302 C.I.D. Crankshaft: OE Ford Cast 3.000" Stroke 1 Piece Seal Externally Balanced 50oz. Connecting Rods: OE Steel Rod 5.400" Stock Bolts Pistons: Hypereutectic Piston Rings: Moly Rings Compression Ratio: 9.1:1 Compression Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Specifications: 219/219 @050 .498in/.498ex 112LSA Camshaft Bearings: Installed & Clocked to OEM Position Cylinder Heads: OE E5TE/E7TE 62cc 1.77/1.46 Freeze Plugs: Brass Installed & Sealed Rocker Arms: Stamped Steel 1.6 Ratio Oil Galley Plugs: Installed & Sealed Oil Pan: OE 5qt. Dual Sump �Fox body� Weight:400
  4. Hello, I have a 1969 mustang fastback that I built from the ground up and was finished about a year ago and there has always been this constant spark knock. I have messed with the timing in all different ways and it is currently at 6 degrees atdc. recently got a pertronix distributor put in. Today I changed the spark plugs and put in autolite copper plugs and new spark plug wires in and changed the coolant and also changed the oil and oil filter in hopes that something would change but of course it didnt. before the timing was at 10 degrees and that was terrible and its better at 6 but its definitely still there. im checking tomorrow for an exhaust leak but i doubt thats what it is because the knocking changes when the timing is changed. Any advice will be greatly appreciated I only have so much knowledge about this.
  5. Everyone, looking for some help. I just picked up a 1969 Mustang Convertible. It came equipped with the 302 V8 2v. Currently, it has the standard factory single exhaust installed. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust from single to dual, but wondering if anyone else has done this, how it turned out, what 'kit' you bought and if you are happy with the change. I am looking for some additional performance and better sound. Open to any and all suggestions. Thank for your help lads. [ATTACH]15099[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15100[/ATTACH]
  6. Hey all, 69 coupe. 302 w/o AC I am having some trouble with my PCV set up. I have the PCV running from the carb spacer to the passanger cover. When I try to start the car it just tries to turn over endlessly. Pumping the gas does not put any into the carb. I poured some gas in the carb and it will start but idles really really high. Next I capped the PCV valve and the car starts right up. This leads me to believe it is not the fuel filters or pump. Has to be the PCV. I do not understand how the PCV can prevent the carb from getting gas. I can post some pictures later if that would help solve my issue. Thanks!
  7. I plan on doing a lot of body/performance work this winter. I have already have a good list of parts I deemed important. 650cfm carb, performance intake, new radiator/fan, pertronix ignition, headers, etc. However, I haven't decided on any mods I want to do to the motor itself. I can't go out and buy a crate racing motor, like we all wish we could. I have heard some things about affordable mods, but I've heard too many variations. I've heard 289 heads will help, but I've also heard newer mustang or explorer heads are better. Any other suggestions about new cams, cranks, heads, or any other fairly affordable mods that will help the 302? I appreciate any feedback!
  8. I have a '69 mustang with a 302 that will be getting lots and lots of work this fall/winter. My mustang has the stock decoration hood scoop, and it appears that it already has the cutout for the shaker hood, and the non functional scoop was placed on top. If I take this off, will the shaker system fit in the stock cutout? I appreciate any feedback!
  9. Hey guys. i have a 69 with a 302 and c4 tranny. i found a guy selling an 89 351w with efi everything included for $450. Seems legit but is there anything i should know? wasn't sure if i can still use my 69 c4 with it.
  10. Ok, so after getting new gauges, Temp,Oil PSI,Voltmenter, i decided i wanted to try and use the Temp gauge, WITH my stock gauge that is Working.. The stock gauge TSU is front of manifold,driverside, works great, just isnt detailed, just says "TEMP" on the stock gauge, and points to "E", which is fine, runs cool. no issues.. The aftermarket gauge would show actual numbers... i would like to install that as well, but i thought there were atleast 2 areas to hook up the TSU...cant seem to find one.. Question: Does anyone have ideas or know where they hooked up a 2nd TSU for a different gauge. 302 2v v8 "F" code thanks.
  11. Anyone have a recomendation for a supercharger for a 302?
  12. This is my first post. I just got done fully rebuilding my 69 mustangs 302. It's now completely installed in the car and looks amazing. Only one problem, it won't start :( I have tried everything I can think of. Here's what I've done so far: Starter successfully turns the engine Spark plugs fire Timing is properly set Electric Holley fuel pump pumps fine (maybe too fine?) I can see fuel cleanly spraying in carb Rocker arms have the proper gap You would think this would all equal a properly operating engine. Only other things I can think of are that maybe the car has bad gas, it hasn't run in almost a year; or maybe the engine is flooded. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. Cleaned internally and sandblasted externally. This carb is for a manual trans car. Date code is 1965. No tag. All initial settings completed properly. Correct Autolite choke themostat cover. I bought this for my car, but discovered I needed a throttle shaft, and all I had was one for a manual. Comes with new base gasket and instruction/spec sheet. $125 plus shipping. Pics upon request. Looks just like a 2100!
  14. well i am new to the site, but i own a 1969 mustang so i thought i'd sign up =P, down to business, i have a C4 automatic trans in the car now with a 302 V8 not a boss, its all stock. I am wanting to swap that out for a manual transmission, not really picky on 3/4/5 speed, just want the easiest swap possible, i understand i'm going to have to put a clutch and all that in i'm just wondering what way would be the easiest? and what transmission would you guys recommend, and how would you recommended me going about doing it? any and all help is appreciated thanks a lot!!! kfish
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