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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I bought a roller 1969 mustang back in march and I'm working on restoring it. I of course have a million questions and often times find myself feeling completely lost lol but i'm trying to take it one step at a time since its such a big project and I know it will end up being more expensive than i'm expecting. I'm sending it in next week to have some chassis work done (new floor pans, fixing some holes in the wheel wells, sandblasting, epoxy, etc.) because I felt like all of that should be done by a professional! My question for now is what's next, I feel like this is the first big thing I've done for the car, other than cleaning it out when I first got it and doing research as much as possible. Im sure there isn't an exact process but I just don't know exactly what direction I should go in after this, do I do electrical, brakes, interior? I know when it's time I want to put the 351 W in the car and I've been looking at the T5 transmission (5 speed manual trans, fairly sure it was common in the foxbody mustangs) Those are my basic questions for now, I've definitely got a lot to learn in this process but I'm excited to learn and watch the transformation of the car, it's crazy to think I have my dream car! I would love any advice anyone has!
  2. Just bought: https://www.cjponyparts.com/borgeson-power-steering-upgrade-kit-289-302-351w-1968-1970/p/PSK16/?gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Ikpr3Q3oUC-rwY6_r7rG4a9ZSu1l8wWc5vgzKh9TKqFPS8vnoPBT3RhoC07MQAvD_BwE It doesn't fit with the old headers I have. Has anyone here used this power steering box before? What did you do for exhaust on your 351w?
  3. I have a 1969 Mustang, 351w mounted to a T5 trans, and aftermarket 4 wheel disc brakes. What options do I have for getting the parking brake to work? What have you guys done to restomod your parking brakes? Currently, I just leave it in gear, but that is far less than ideal. Thanks!
  4. need help almost got the mach ready to come to life I installed a c4 instead of the fmx and don't know which shifter rod I need do anyone knows what rod i need or do i need to modify one and also can anyone tell me what carburetor bracket do i need to install a holley hp carb on a 351 Cleveland 4v engine
  5. Well, now that I have finally acquired my grandpa's 1969 Mustang he bought new, after buying it from my aunt, the work begins. I don't think the car has been on the road since 1989, so I'm going through all the systems to get it road worthy. The break lines are shot, so I have a line kit ordered. And I'm replacing all wheel cylinders and rubber break lines. Break pads and hubs still look surprisingly good. Gas tank had about 4 gallons of nasty brown crud. So the old tank is out, and I bought a new one. I have already soaked and rebuilt the carb. It was froze up. Leaf springs look terrible, so replacing them, too. Dash pad was baked, and the bezel above glove box was cracked. I replaced both. I found some rot under the battery tray into the frame. I assume from a leaky battery at one time. I also found some rust on the trunk extensions by lower rear fenders along with a couple other spots on the car. Thankfully the floors, frame, and trunk pan are solid. At some point I will tear down the car completely apart to do a full blown rotisserie restoration. But for now I'm just going to drive the car as it is.
  6. Hi All, I'm new to this forum. That said, I thought I would share the glorious day I experienced yesterday. At midnight Sunday night, I left my home in Northern Michigan with a friend for Mason, Ohio near Cincinnati. We got home last night after 22 hours with no sleep. For some time now I had hoped to buy my Grandpa Fields Candyapple Red Mustang Fastback that he bought new in 1969. He left the car to his daughter (my Aunt Sue). I asked my aunt, about a year ago, if she would consider selling the car, but she said no. She was leaving it to her son, my cousin Timmy. Then two days ago the phone rang, and she said I could come get the car that Timmy didn't want it, that he said to sell it to me. So needless to say I was excited. I didn't hesitate to tell her I would take it, and would be right down to get it. The Mustang has been stored in her garage for decades. I was hoping it still retained most of its original paint. I couldn't wait to see the Mustang again. My grandpa kept it spotless, and I always admired the red hot car as a kid. (That is him with the hat standing his pride and joy. He was about to target practice shooting with one of his guns.) Once I got in her garage yesterday to see the Mustang, after dreaming about the car for literally decades, I was disappointed to see the original paint was gone hidden under a coat of primer my uncle Ernie had done. But I was excited, too! It was Grandpa Fields V8 Mustang, all there and complete with its original numbers matching V8 drive line intact. It only has 45,000 miles on it, and its a factory air conditioned car with power steering, too! :-) I will need to do a complete nut and bolt restoration on the pony car in the future, but for now I'm happy just knowing it's resting in my barn. Today, I ordered the deluxe Marti report. Happy !!!!!
  7. For sale 1969 Mustang tail light panel reproduction from National Parts Depot. Panel has some surface rust on one end but is new otherwise. See pictures for more details. Asking $90. Prefer local pickup in San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area(South Bay), Sacramento, or LA with prior arrangements. Will ship if buyer covers shipping/packing fees. PM me if interested.
  8. We are have started another cool project in the V8 Speed Resto Shop (AKA V8TV) - The BOSS 302.0! This 1969 Mustang was literally a barn find and will be going through a complete transformation in our shop with some high-tech parts designed to make this a comfortable street cruiser that will also perform on an autocross or road course. The body shell will remain stock appearing, except for the addition of some carbon fiber body pieces from Anvil Auto. The Steinhauser Design rendering illustrates the clean appearance with the Anvil carbon fiber hood, bumpers, rear deck, quarter extensions, and dash face. Also visible are the Forgeline wheels and big brakes. Under the hood is a Ford Racing 5.0 Coyote engine and a manual transmission. The suspension is all from Detroit Speed, utilizing their new Mustang Aluma-Frame and Mustang QUADRALink in the rear. We will be posting pictures and videos of the build of this car as it comes together.
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