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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, Just replaced my headlights in my 69. Drove it for about 40 minutes at night, then hit the freeway. Was on the freeway for about 5 minutes or so, averaging 50-60 mph. Right as I was exiting, I noticed my headlights begin to dim, then shut off completely. Then they came back on. Right after, I drove down a main street for about 2-3 minutes with the lights still going in and out; fighting to stay on. Finally I flipped the light switch in and back out; which seemed to do the trick. No problems for the rest of the night, but I didn't get back on the freeway. What could be the issue? The car drove fine the entire night; even during the headlight issue. My interior lights stayed lit as well; never dimming. Thanks,
  2. I have been reading everything I can find on headlights for our 69's. A lot of information is conflicting, and I am basically back at square one. My two concerns are fitment and how good the lenses/housings are therefore projection. If you have any input please chime in! Starting with OE style sealed beams there are Philips h5001 (Hi) and h5006 (split-beam) that I'm assuming are a direct fit. I really want something better than these if I can do it without too much trouble/$$. Then there's the Wagner Sealed Beam Halogens with the same #'s. I'm assuming these are also a direct fit, (1) has anyone used these and (2) are they any better than the standard sealed beams? Please apply same q's as above for the Scott Drake sealed beam halogens (3) and (4). I don't know who manufactures for them. I want bright lighting and would prefer more white light than the factory sealed beams provide. A near-miss with a deer has me pretty motivated about this. I want lights that will correctly fit in the buckets and not be crooked or anything. I don't mind trimming the backside of the buckets but I would prefer not to. I purchased Maxtel "conversion" H4 lenses/bulbs that were supposed to be a direct fit replacement for sealed beam h5001/5006's but they don't fit very good even after I modified the mounting tabs. (4) Is the heat from Halogens anything to worry about? If this is the case then we are all outta luck either way (LED's aside). Then through Daniel Stern Lighting I see the Cibie H4 Split-beams and the H1 Hi's. (5) Has anyone used these and what were the results? I read that at some point the production of these changed or something and they were no longer very good, maybe that was just misinformation. I have the same q's as above for the Hella Vision Plus H4 Split-beams and H1 Hi's. I tend to think Hella would make a good product, but perhaps that is just riding on their reputation. I am not considering LED's for cost alone, my understanding is the only good ones are very pricey plus the cheaper ones look terrible visually to me. Let this be the most comprehensive headlight thread so that others have somewhere to look! Thanks
  3. Has anyone done an HID conversion on the four light setup for a 69? I was thinking of the following kid: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/50015006EURO/5001-5006-EURO-XENON-CONVERSION-KIT-5-34-4pc.html using the single beam 5k bulbs also with this relay kit: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/4PLUGH4WIREHARNESS/H4-Relay-wire-harness-for-4-Headlight-vehicles.html Everywhere I look there are no 1969 application specific setups. Plenty for the 7 inch lenses used on the 1965-1968/1970+. Anyone have any good/bad experiences doing this?
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