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Found 5 results

  1. I have an Aftermarket bezel $40 plus shipping perfect I didn't use it because it didn't have the chrome trim around the openings can send pics on request Paypal accepted
  2. I have been thinking about buying one of these: http://mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=69-70&cat=interior&scat=carbon_fiber_interior_pieces∏=gauge_clusters_with_lights without the gauges. (I'll probably use Marshall Instruments gauges with them) Anyone have comments on them? Fit, finish, etc. MTF have not answered my email so I'll have to call them. Are there other alternatives, preferably in a plain black like original, not carbon or anything else. I like the 6 dial set out rather than the combined smaller gauges.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a 1969 Fastback and I am installing a set of autometer gauges to replace the worn out original set, including adding a tach. The gauges that I am using are the American Muscle set and include: Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Fuel Level, Speedo and Tach. I am running into all sorts of problems and could use some help. I am currently using "Painless Performance #30302" wiring harness for easy connections (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/prf-30302) and I am having problems, any input here would be greatly appreciated. Here's my list of problems; 1. Programmable fuel level seems to be most accurate on the GM setting for some reason, not really an issue just super annoying. 2. Voltmeter has no reading. 3. Dash lights. !@#$ing Dash Lights. ok, so the voltmeter and oil pressure lights are always on. When the car is not running but the headlights are on all the gauges but the voltmeter and oil pressure are lit up. With the car running and the lights on all the gauges stop working completely. This is my biggest issue I am worried that I am damaging something and need it fixed asap. The painless wiring harness set that I'm using has all the wires for the gauges running together, so 1 ground, 1 power etc. Should I pull this thing out and light it on fire and run individual wires or can this setup still work? If I pull it out can I run all the instrument lights to one wire and wire it to the headlight switch? Also, if anyone has a diagram regarding the stock colored wires and their individual purpose that could be a big help, all the diagrams I have located don't agree on colors, if anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I know this may seem dumb but I am in the process of restoring my gauges in my 69 mach 1 and since I have never seen the dash light up at night I am not sure what color the gauges are supposed to be. I see these LED kits in blue green red but I just want to know what color is the factory hue. Again I apologies for the dumb question but i can't seem to find what I am looking for on Google. I just want to replace the bulbs and the filter lens to appear factory.
  5. that were cut and taped under the dash. Being partially colorblind makes it tough, but it looks like they belong in the moon shaped plug that goes to the column. Would having any wires there cause the gauges not to work? I bench tested and all respond fine (tach dash), but plugged in I have nothing but lamps and the pass side blinker light (left side works, but the arrow doesnt light up. Poss related or not related is that my brake lights dont light up...switch is good and plugged in. all park lights work fine, as do the turn signals. Looking at the pins, the last 3 on the inside are not plugged in. On a tach dash, are the holes all used or are some not? I will post pics of colored wires, son said they are different colors of green, light and a dark, one with what looks like a white stripe, and a tanish one. Do they make the pins, or should i just wire outside of the plug? I did search and read about 30 posts on this subject, but with a tach dash it seemed to not apply to most, and others had issues with the pod not working which is not my issue, it works fine outside of the car. Thanks!!
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