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Found 7 results

  1. Well here my story of a barn find in San Lorenzo CA. This nice lady at the young age of 25 walked into Bill Bland Hayward Ford in the fall of 1968 to test drive the all new Mustang Mach 1. So the salesman put her in the seat of a Cobra Jet equipped with the 428 and 4 speed transmission. She said this the minute she let out the clutch, it left rubber on the pavement. She knew then that she wanted a new Mustang! So she ordered Mach 1 with a 390, with a four barrel carb and equipped with a 4 speed in black jade. AM/FM, power disc brakes, and black interior. She drove the car a few miles each day to a school were she worked as an assistant. The years from the exposure to the moisture of the air in the East Bay Area and constant sun exposure took its toll so she decided to have it painted black. Then as she got older the clutch became too difficult to work. So she parked it for 19 years where it sat under a car cover in her front driveway Yet JoAnne always kept it registered and insured. On September 28, 2019 the next owner came along and here is where the next chapter begins. I plan to restore the Mach 1 to its former glory with a few upgrade here and there. Definitely a long term project.
  2. Hi all Need aome advise. New to classic cars just know i want a 4 seater and a muacle car. I.have an opportunity to buy this exact type of car as ebay listing 302336745281. Can anyone please take.a.look at let me know their thoughts? What wouls you buy the car for?
  3. Hi, I am having some trouble finding the cause of this problem. I recently got my turn signals up and running with a new flahser relay. Now the right turn signal blinks much much slower than the left. I cleaned as many grounds and contact points as I could find and this did not fix the issue. I replaced the rear bulbs and still nothing. I switched the front turn bulbs thinking that the left would now blink really slow, but the left blinked the same and right was still slow. I am hoping it is not the turn signal switch, but this is my last thought. Anyone have any advice? Greatly Appreciated, Thomas
  4. Hi, I'm for OEM Exhaust for a 69 mustang Coupe. I've got the headers installed but have not found any exhaust set ups I like. Let me know if you've got any used or new does not matter. Thanks.
  5. Guest

    69 "R" code

    69 Mach 1 "R" code automatic . Rust bucket (floors rear rails drop offs fenders doors). Doesn't have original engine or trans but I have located the original engine Friend of mine from Shelby club saw this car 2 years ago and left a note. When I went by to look the car over the current owner gave me the note to call which said that he had the original motor and iff he wanted to sell it call this # contact "TOM" Well I start dialing the number and it comes up the friend of mine named Tom how convenient! He never told me he had seen the car till today when I called him He knows I live only 1/2 mile from the cars location. What are friends for. Well he never got a call back about the car and now I'm at the top of list of interested parties. Plus I shoot pool on the same team as his step brother so another plus for me. Car is originally Royal Maroon with red interior. thats all I know about it so far OBTW it is not a SCJ and the Shaker stuff is missing probably a good reason to get it road worthy and sell it. Any one interested I should have some pics by this weekend? Tom<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  6. Alright guys, I'm pretty new here but this is what I have to share to our community. I've recently dove into rebuilding my 69 with 250 Inline 6. I'm new to projects, but I've always wanted one. I've recently just replaced the battery, starter/starter relay, coil, fuel pump, waiting on getting my 1 barrel carb. Just trying to get it to run right now. But my plans so far are dual carb intake. Ignition conversion (I can't stand points ><) Upgrade the transmission. ... Still some more I have yet to figure out. I know 302's and stuff are a lot more popular it seems You guys know anything for this? I'm open to any ideas, what's bad what's good about anything. I'm here to learn. Thanks guys -Nicholas
  7. Hello guys, I'm new here been looking for a really good Mustang forum. Seeing I just bought one for a project. I got an all original 1969 Mustang 250 Inline 6. I have the question to just try to build the 250 up? or drop a bigger engine into it. Everyone that I've told I have it always ask or say I should drop a 302 in it. But I just wanna know if it's really worth it. And what would the best way going about it. Thanks guys, I hope you can help. I'll post pictures if you want to see what I'm working with Here are pictures [CLICK]
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