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  1. Hey group. First I’ll start out by saying hopefully this is not too broad of a question I just want to start seeing possible recommendations to begin to narrow things down. I will have all the time in the world to research as I’m currently deployed and planning a build. 69 coupe 351w pretty stock. FMX TRANS. Currently have a weiand stealth intake. Looking for a top end setup to work with my current intake. Hoping for low to mid 400 hp. Right now just looking for heads cam carb to get me in the ballpark. Soon I’ll be researching headers and exhaust. Figured engine was the starting point. Want to keep cost down as much as I can as it’s still a coupe love to hear what you recommend
  2. Iv have been having some unlock issues and hoping you all could help me out. I think iv narrowed it down to a spring. Was wondering if anyone knew of an aftermarket one available. Worse case if anyone would have one or a whole assembly the would be willing to sell. I’d hate to but a new $60 lock set for a $2 spring. See attached. Thanks
  3. Hey guys I’m installing a Hayden dual stage fan relay to a escort early 90s fan. Someone suggested a bigger relay between the Hayden and fan due to the amp draw of the high speed fan does anyone know the high speed fan startup amp draw is there a recommended relay Seems the common referee relay is Bosch 75 as it has the diode Lastly can anyone describe or provide diagram of how to to include this bigger relay not trying to burn my car up in this one. thanks
  4. Flange uneven, mainly dented around bolt holes slightly, noting major just want any problems moving forward
  5. Got it, Thanks for the help all, It was done by putty knife and shimming it out as i went. Thanks for all your help. However i did find it bent slight, not sure if it was from me or PO as it did seep a little. Any advice on flattening it out prior to putting it back on. Thanks again for all the help
  6. Thanks for the input, No its black "the right stuff" and funny you mentioned that, i tried it and it didn't well, maybe ill try slightly thinner. I too though that was the ticket.
  7. Thanks, Yea i been doing that just not a whole lot of luck, i was thinking more towards a chemical removal. Thanks ill keep at it though
  8. Hey Guys, Need a bit of help, i was told PO used permatex the right stuff for trans pan, i have to change oil and filter, but cannot get the damn thing off. I tried cutting through the gasket to no avail, tried gasket remover even though i was told it wouldn't work, i don't have the ability to remove the trans to work on on it so I'm under car, and cannot for the life of me get the pan removed without damaging pan or trans. Any suggestion would help, Thanks. FMX if it matters
  9. What type of metal is the "chrome" grill molding, for polishing purposes? Any advice on cleaning and polishing this trim? Thanks
  10. How did you wire up that fuse block i have been seeing that and would like to give it a try?
  11. Hey, Im installing a Hayden 3654 setup controller to my taurus fan, i do not have A/C. I once read that this 'green A/C clutch" wire from the controller could be used as an under dash override in the event of temp sensor failure. Can anyone confirm this and explain how i would wire this up. I pressure i need a 12+ source and to extend this green wire to a switch and to ground out the switch. Where can i easily pull 12+ from in the cabin of fuse box? Thanks for your help.
  12. Shelby, Thats exactly what i bought after much research, this will undoubtedly provide much more power to whatever light you use even OEM lights or at least save your existing wiring and switch from the power draw. Unfortunately i cannot give you a review as mine is still in box and im in Afghanistan. I am very interested in the lights you have chosen however, this is the one pice to this upgrade i am not complete with. I have seen alot in excess of 100$ for the set on ebay, but am not thrilled with the bulbs nor the price, You have any recommendations on lights. I will be home in just over an month and this is the first thing i am upgrade so if i beat you to it ill let you know how the harness works out.
  13. Im in the process of cleaning up my bay, i would like to remove the starter solenoid and voltage regulator, complete remove them from the system. I have a 3G alternator and a PMGR mini starter. I have done research and many say to keep the solenoid regardless of the mini starter. Is this correct? IF anyone has done this can you please explain in vivid detail on how to run the wiring or at least what to do with the current wire in the system i have now. I would love to do away with this and clean up the rats nest of wire. Thanks for your help
  14. 2 part question; Does anyone have any advice on installing the chrome trim that goes around the grille on 69. I have tried the wire clips from vendors and none seem to work or stay put. Is there any other fabrication that has worked for this. Second, any good advice on polishing this chrome up. Thanks
  15. Looking for some help form the detail experts. I have what i believe to be a single stage paint job ( i will determine such when i return from deployment) what im looking for if it is determined to be single stage paint is how to bring out a nice shine. I have cleaned it prior to deployment and hit it with quality spray wax and noticed a hazing on the flat black racing stripes the paint was fine with it however i attempted to keep it off the stripes. My question is how to bring out a nice shine while not creating a haze over the flat black. In knowing or thinking it is single stage i am hesitant to use a clay bar or even a rubbing compound on it thinking it may e too abrasive. Looking for some expert guidance as i have never dealt with a singe stage before. Just want this to get shined up nice in the spring. Thanks
  16. I have no input on the removal but i would be interested in the chrome off your scoops if you decide to remove, keep me in mind.
  17. Ok probably been discussed a few times around here. What is everyone preferred sound deadener/proofer. What im after is to cut down on some rattle, basic sound system with amp. I am also interested in thermal protection as well. And lastly im not looking to spend a fortune on something that is never seen, and may or may not make a noticible difference. Looking for someone to convince me if it is worth it i guess im saying and if so what are you using. Last i do not want any terrible chemical smell inside my car. Lets hear it.
  18. All; I am currently deployed so getting hands on my car is non existant. Im planning a few projects when i get home first being H4 headlight upgrade with relays. Came across this was wondering what you all think of it, seems pretty straight forward anyone think it will work, just trying to get a few things knocked out quickly before getting the car to the garage for some upgrades. Thanks Sorry forgot to add the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/CERAMIC-H4-HEADLIGHT-RELAY-WIRING-HARNESS-HEADLAMP-LIGHT-BULB-SOCKET-PLUGS-5-3-4-/330795136119?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A1969%7CModel%3AMustang&hash=item4d04ed3477&vxp=mtr
  19. Sorry 351W. As far a deployment Mobilized now heading to Afghanistan shortly. Would like to see 400 at the wheel without and major work other that what was mentioned if possible. Im not looking into trans or rearend work. As far as headers probably leaning towards Hooker comp ceramic. Shorty
  20. Hey Guys, Looking for some input. Currently deployed, own 69 coupe and looking to do something with the top end when i return. I dont want to invest a great deal of time and may be farming this one out as i just want to get the car on the road after 4 years of owning. I want to have fun with it when i return. So what are your suggestions on top ends/cam heads etc. I would like a decent setup without fitment issues and something that will work together nicely. I am considering the Eddie top end kits b/c at this point i know it has been tried and tested, i also like the price. But again open for suggestions on setups that are compatible. Currently stock heads, weiand stealth intake and holly 750 carb, FMX trans and stock reared. I like the 400hp range. Planning on headers and exhaust as well, before you say that. Thanks in advance
  21. Hello, Im deploying at the end of this months, and looking for some advice/care for my car to place in storage for the year. To begin it will be garaged, although un heated it will be out of the elements. I live in Pa so it gets cold but not overly extreme. I have already washed and waxed today b/c we hit 60 up here so i figured i would get this project rolling. What else should i be doing. Im prepared to put on jack stands as well just looking for the exact location of where to place them. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  22. Thak you but I'm actually looking for the part to by
  23. Looking for a 3G alternator?
  24. Well, hey if its any consolation im getting quoted more than that. Im in the same boat i do not want to do it myself but at the prices im being quoted im willing to give it a shot. Anyone have a good installer near Philadelphia id be willing to hear.
  25. I'm in the process of getting headline quotes and wanted to see what everyone thought was a fair price. I live in the Philadelphia area if that matter. Also could someone give me an idea of how hard it really is to do yourself. And is taking out windows even an option for a one man job?
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