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    DarkBuddha got a reaction from DocWok in Which Suspension   
    I'm late to this discussion (in researching SoT stuff) and wanted to comment on the CPP vs. Bargeson boxes. When I was looking into steering options, I looked at all the vendors for integrated ps, and CPP'so part numbers were the same as Borgeson'so and included the same parts/components. Knowing that Borgeson was manufacturing their boxes in-house (they are OEM suppliers afterall), I figure(d) CPP is just selling Borgeson boxes. This would explain why they didn't have comprehensive experience/knowledge regarding fitment for different years.
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    DarkBuddha got a reaction from ncdruroSor in '69 in "Drive Hard" movie   
    Caught "Drive Hard" on Netflix the other night. It's an Australian action movie starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane, and it features a nice right hand drive '69 Mach 1 and a '70s Falcon GT. It's a "road" movie about a bank robber that basically cons and then kidnaps an ex-race car driver turned driving instructor into being a get away driver. Most of the chase scenes are pretty lame, but the movie isn't completely miserable. It's nice to see a '69 get driven in anger a little anyway.
    Info about the movie here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2968804/
    A couple stills from the movie:


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    DarkBuddha got a reaction from Zefevinee in '69 Stang build. Gulfstream Aqua on White Mach   
    First, thanks for posting this and congrats on the progress with the second car. I'm impressed with your fortitude and determination, if not so much by your judgement.
    Second, stories like this continue to reinforce some observations and views I've been formulating, some for decades now...
    1. Far too many people ask too much for crap "project" cars, and far too many people pay for them.
    2. Any minimal amount of shopping the market (and auctions) will show that plenty of very decent cars are available for pennies on the dollar of restoring a beat, rusted "project" car.
    3. On a fundamental level, it costs essentially the same to restore something like a big block Mach or Boss 302 as it does a lowly F code coupe or H code Mach; choose wisely.
    4. Restoring a car is almost always a money losing proposition unless you're either really good at DIY'ing it, or you score an incredibly valuable example for an incredibly good deal. It takes money to make money either way.
    5. The cost of those Dynacorn replacement chassis is far more reasonable than I care to admit.
    Anyway, I hope the new car is everything you want and more. You've certainly earned having more than a bit of your dream come true. And as a composer, I think your 5 year old has A TON of talent! Do everything you can to foster it. And please, oh please, get her teachers that will show her how to use her talent for good rather than evil... The world needs more real music and less trite pop garbage.
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    DarkBuddha reacted to 71 stang in 69 Mustang Passenger side remote control mirror ? NEED HELP !!!   
    I have  this  mirror disassembled  and  it  is  all 69  Mustang  parts   the  mirror base  is  a C9ZB part  number  as  well as  the bullit  housing  is  also  is  a C9ZB part  number
    I have  been rebuilding and  restoring Ford  bullitt style sport  mirrors of  all makes  and  models  for  years  I am  very  familiar  with  all years  of  Torino  mirrors as  well and  this  is not
    a Torino  mirror  at  all.  
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