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  1. Is it a sport mirror? Ford used a similar design into the seventies wI think adjustable passenger mirrors. We retrofitted one into my original '70 sport mirror.
  2. I'm late to this discussion (in researching SoT stuff) and wanted to comment on the CPP vs. Bargeson boxes. When I was looking into steering options, I looked at all the vendors for integrated ps, and CPP'so part numbers were the same as Borgeson'so and included the same parts/components. Knowing that Borgeson was manufacturing their boxes in-house (they are OEM suppliers afterall), I figure(d) CPP is just selling Borgeson boxes. This would explain why they didn't have comprehensive experience/knowledge regarding fitment for different years.
  3. It does depend on your local market as well. Here in Florida, I see A LOT of very decent quality '69s and '70s selling for what I would consider "below market value", which means the local market value is just lower than I expect it should be for these cars. But a survey of eBay reaffirms that generally, I believe the cars are just worth less than we like to think they are. Honestly, in driver quality finish, it's probably a $25k car. And unfortunately, with unfinished body and paint, I think you're probably looking at A LOT less... like $15k-$17k-ish. Anyway, just take a look at "completed listings" on eBay and see what stuff actually SOLD for and you'll have an idea. That said, I'm with Mach1Rider... I consider the value of my car to be whatever the hell I say it is because I have absolutely no intentions of selling it. EVER.
  4. Let us know how it fits... I lost my AOD separator and need to find a replacement as well.
  5. Lol... My '70 had mudflaps (in white no less) and chrome sidepipes when I bought it in '88, and I loved them. There was a time when mudflaps were high style!
  6. I'm sure you'll find a solution just like I did today (gotta make a small bracket). A couple spacers here or there and hopefully you'll have it.
  7. I'm very empathetic as I'm going through the pulley alignment battle on my 408w as well right now, but I'm using a combination of factory style pulleys and a mish mash of aftermarket brackets. I don't have anything constructive to contribute but thought I'd let you know you're not alone. Misery loves company afterall.
  8. My father and I did an AOD swap into my '70, which was a factory 351w/FMX setup like yours. We used the factory FMX164 tooth flexplate, AOD yolk, factory FMX starter, the factory FMX driveshaft (as-is), and made a new crossmember/mount. We used a Lokar shifter adapter, but if doing it again, we'd just make one instead. Don't forget to get the AOD block plate, because it is different than the FMX plate. BTW, $1500 sounds like a good deal on that setup IMHO.
  9. I'm with Mike ^^^. Get one of the powered antenna that mount in the front windshield/dash.
  10. Excellent choice and a great color. I wanted to paint mine that color for about the first 2 years I owned my Mach. I still think it's a gorgeous combination with the Mach 1 rockers and hood and trunk stripes. I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together when you're done.
  11. They're local-ish to me, but I've never had occasion to buy from them. Just curious, but what were you looking at specifically?
  12. Glad to see you're still making progress. I remember being pretty bummed when you posted the car was crashed... I loved that you actually DROVE it. Keep it going and I'll keep following. :)
  13. Excellent work, especially on the a/c compressor mount. I'm running one of the ugly high mounts for the Sanden in mine, but I'm also running ps, so I'm kinda stuck that way. And I'm totally empathetic with trying to figure out the right pulley setup. I think we probably had a dozen different pulley configurations before we finally settled on one, and then just recently I went and messed it all up again by going back to a 351w from the place-hold 302. I'm not looking forward to figuring it out again. Anyway, with a bit of luck, you'll be back on the road sooner than ever!
  14. Great build thread... I'm looking forward to the "spirited" drive vids.
  15. First, thanks for posting this and congrats on the progress with the second car. I'm impressed with your fortitude and determination, if not so much by your judgement. Second, stories like this continue to reinforce some observations and views I've been formulating, some for decades now... 1. Far too many people ask too much for crap "project" cars, and far too many people pay for them. 2. Any minimal amount of shopping the market (and auctions) will show that plenty of very decent cars are available for pennies on the dollar of restoring a beat, rusted "project" car. 3. On a fundamental level, it costs essentially the same to restore something like a big block Mach or Boss 302 as it does a lowly F code coupe or H code Mach; choose wisely. 4. Restoring a car is almost always a money losing proposition unless you're either really good at DIY'ing it, or you score an incredibly valuable example for an incredibly good deal. It takes money to make money either way. 5. The cost of those Dynacorn replacement chassis is far more reasonable than I care to admit. Anyway, I hope the new car is everything you want and more. You've certainly earned having more than a bit of your dream come true. And as a composer, I think your 5 year old has A TON of talent! Do everything you can to foster it. And please, oh please, get her teachers that will show her how to use her talent for good rather than evil... The world needs more real music and less trite pop garbage.
  16. Thanks for the tip on the RapidAir kit... It will be perfect for my purposes.
  17. I could probably find files of some of the old classic uglies... I never delete anything.
  18. Thanks for getting it back up. Kinda miss the old forum format, but I'll adjust I suppose. I did like the old color scheme though.
  19. I can't believe I got waylaid again and haven't worked on it for another 7 months. Absolutely ridiculous! The only things I've done is buy stuff for the car... Borgeson box conversion, GW strut rods, taillight bezels, MS hinge rebuild kits, brackets for the alternator and ps pump, SS bolts, and a few other things. Now I just need to get back to working on it...
  20. I've set a deadline and been on a buying spree for a couple months in hopes that I'll be driving my '70 again for the first time in a very very very long time this year. That's my resolution, what is yours?
  21. I think he means actually attaching the hood scoop to the air cleaner assembly and the cutting an opening in the hood that would be big enough for the scoop to protrude through. I've never seen it done, and I'm not really sure I'd want to, but who know... Maybe it would look better than I think.
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