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  1. I see West Coast Classic Cougars also sells the light socket for the control.
  2. Not great photos but here are my Tinman connectors.
  3. Don't have any photos of the metal work and the car has been done for a while, covered with paint, carpet and interior. I recently replaced the floor of my current 69 project with a one piece floor and welded the new seat platforms to it. I can't see how the platforms could add much to the structural strength as there are just tabs and flanges plug welded to the floor. I'm sure it helps somewhat but I would think a solid metal plate welded to the floor is stronger. The convertible re-enforcements are a good idea also.
  4. I test fit the 08 seats with 08 tracks on top of the original seat platforms and it sat too high and I am only 5'9". The same 08 seat/track combo without platform seems slightly lower than original seat height.
  5. Not sure about the 2013 seats but I installed 2008 seats in my 69 and I would think they are fairly similar. I had to cut out the seat platforms, weld plates to the floor for strength and attach seat tracks to the floor. The newer seats sit too high with the stock seat platforms.
  6. I recently installed Tinman. They look good and I am happy with them.
  7. I had to replace the entire cowl for my 69 Mach 1 rust bucket project. When searching for the correct rivets for my VIN I came across a VIN border for 1969 Mustangs. I have not seen a VIN border on the 69s I've seen. Are they supposed to have the border?
  8. Stainless would be great. The Dynacorn piece comes with an E coating like the hood. When you paint the striker,the paint chips from the latch and it looks bad.
  9. The new hood I ordered from Dynacorn came with one. I don't remember if they sell them individually.
  10. I recently ran into this issue on my build. The rear bumper I bought stuck out too far on the ends. I searched the forums and determined the best reproduction bumper is sold by NPD. I mounted the new NPD bumper and it fit much better.
  11. Yes you will gain some headroom but at 6'7", headroom will always be an issue in a vintage Mustang. Sorry didn't take photos during the process but not hard to do. Cut out seat risers with a cutoff wheel or saws-all. Grind the area smooth. Weld in steel reinforcement where seats will be bolted to the floor. Position seats where best for you - mark, then drill holes for the bolts.
  12. I have used Dynacorn hood hinges on numerous cars. They are okay, no issues. I have a couple new hinges laying around if you want them at my cost.
  13. Yes, cut out the risers, grind smooth, weld in a steel plate for extra support.
  14. I installed 08 Mustang seats with TMI retro Mach 1 seat covers in my 69 fastback. I had to cut out the front seat platforms for the correct height. I love the look for a custom and much better than stock seats.
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