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  1. Thank You. I seriously didn't feel complete without it .
  2. Touching the subject.What brand rear sway bar set ups are Good kits, from not having 1 ? Any recommendations? For the Front 1”1/8 swar bar seems to be best Choice.
  3. Here where i live in Fresno Ca . There are some Mobile Mechanic repair services . You call them and they show up on site to fix the vehicle. Just an idea.
  4. Sounds like your Mechanical Fuel Pump went Bad to me. Did u smell the Engine oil dipstick to see if it smelled like Gas? If so i would replace with a New Fuel Pump and change out the old engine oil with New Fresh Motor oil and oil filter.
  5. With several choices, If you pick 1 TKX, which one would it be and why ? They have a TKX with 2.87 first gear, along with the .81 5th gear. listed as more for Road Race.
  6. I just found out yesterday they came out with the New TKX transmission same as the TKO600 but slimmer tighter case made just for the Classic Muscle Cars/ Hot Rods. I notice they have several choices for our Fords. Nice!
  7. I think Aslanefe is right , they look like a Drum Spindle with a Bracket and possibly a Older Master Power Disc Brake conversion kit which use Like 85 Cadillac Deville (Or a similar GM)front calipers. i have a similar kit on mine.
  8. Any noise coming from the alternator bearing ? Where pulley sits there should be a spacer also, I am Just saying ideas.
  9. I very much like mine , it was Manual Steering before. Now steering is smooth , steers straight and i can easily Do turns 1 handed now . I got it thru Summit with a Saginaw Pump , i know its the 85ish Toyota Cresida steering gear box they used For the conversion in my kit. I installed it Years back. I just wish their gear box would of been smaller for more header clearance . And their Hydraulic hoses in kit a bit longer. Other than that No Regrets yet. We are planning on doing a borgeson kit on my sons 66 Mustang sometime in the future.
  10. Welcome to the Forum. I did the T5 swap On my 69 Years back(like 10 years ago). I used 1 from a junkyard 90 Mustang V8 5.0 . The input shaft cone was broken all around the nose Which is common i guess if driven Hard, they were made of aluminum. I replaced with the Steel Ford Racing Cone. I went clutch cable on mine. Along with parts necessary The swap was easy and fit well almost like it was meant to be from the factory. T5 shifts like butter and absolutely love it but i never Really go hard on it from a dead stop. Great for Cruising and just Driving it , I wouldnt go T5 for launching from a dead stop . My engine is a Modded 351w . My plan is I will go TKO600 .82 final 5th gear along a hydraulic External slave in the years to come as i save up money for that Project . I have read (internet)that on a 69 the Tko600 clears the tunnel. Some say the TKO600 shifts smooth, Others say different.
  11. After numerous attempts, finally On mine i installed the grommet first onto the VC , then i pushed in breather with a touch of oil to slide in .
  12. Yes I had my son help and step hold brake pedal while I bled proportioning valve . I did it like 3 times with key switch on/engine off until light came off.
  13. West Coast Classic Cougar has instructions on how to bleed and turn off brake switch light on proportioning valve. It's under how to rebuild proportioning valve page on bottom . How to Centralize brake light switch piston position.
  14. Nice , as soon as I save money , FPA are on my to get list . ThankYou Cavboy78
  15. Cavboy78 , can u post pics of your fpa headers and their clearance on borgeson steering box. If not to much trouble. Thanks
  16. I highly recommend AED Performance carbs. On Mine is a 750 mechanical secondaries/No electric Choke/horns milled off runs smooth and is there on power for me. Starts easy enough even in the cold 30° Winter Central California mornings, i let it warm up and go. Straight out of box , I have only adjusted idle in 4 years. Up or down . Thats it. They sell 650 carbs also. With Vacuum I am not sure . But check out their Web site Aed Performance , they were great on my questions for my application. The owner actually responded to my email. I am very happy with my Carb. I have had Edelbrock Thunder series 650 / edelbrock 600 cfm/holley street avenger in the past. I have always had to mess with adjusting something on those. But this Aed is Easy for me. Summit sells their Aed Carbs. Thats where I purchased mine with my Summit Card .
  17. I use Fr4 NGK spark plugs on my 351w and the Ford Racing 9mm wires .
  18. I am using this bracket but mine is 5 speed manual. Got it from Sanco Specialties. It clears my AED (holley) 750 Carb , on top of a edelbrock rpm intake.
  19. I ran into same problem. I even broke one led.
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