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  1. d.reese

    My CJ Pony Parts experience

    CJS man here, built 3 stangs from ground up and like anywhere else they are not perfect, but will not shop local in Texas. I prefer only CJS!!
  2. d.reese

    351 Cleveland fuel pump?

    That makes perfect sense. Thank you Max!
  3. d.reese

    66 FG Gasser

    Pak, sent ya a PM!
  4. d.reese

    351 Cleveland fuel pump?

    I agree with the question, but the answer is not there. No price on the page....
  5. I can't find a HP manual pump for my Gasser. Who or where has one? All I find out there is a stock Carter!
  6. d.reese

    65 fb gasser

  7. d.reese

    Favorite pic of your stang!

    Me again
  8. d.reese

    Favorite pic of your stang!

  9. d.reese

    65 fb gasser

    Paint and body work has started:balloon:
  10. I like it! On a side note: Who did you piss off? Posted a few weeks back and no comments...
  11. d.reese

    65 fb gasser

    I leaned hard at the 55 myself, had the tunnel ram / 2 -4's with strong sbc and a m22 with a 9", but said to my self~~everyone build those! Why not do something crazy:) This is a original fb, but front clip was wasted, so took a donor coupe and the rest his history....
  12. d.reese

    65 fb gasser

    Hell yea!
  13. d.reese

    65 fb gasser

    Grille is home made out of 0.65 aluminum. Front end is oem metal:)