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  1. CJS man here, built 3 stangs from ground up and like anywhere else they are not perfect, but will not shop local in Texas. I prefer only CJS!!
  2. That makes perfect sense. Thank you Max!
  3. Pak, sent ya a PM!
  4. I agree with the question, but the answer is not there. No price on the page....
  5. I can't find a HP manual pump for my Gasser. Who or where has one? All I find out there is a stock Carter!
  6. Paint and body work has started:balloon:
  7. I like it! On a side note: Who did you piss off? Posted a few weeks back and no comments...
  8. I leaned hard at the 55 myself, had the tunnel ram / 2 -4's with strong sbc and a m22 with a 9", but said to my self~~everyone build those! Why not do something crazy:) This is a original fb, but front clip was wasted, so took a donor coupe and the rest his history....
  9. Grille is home made out of 0.65 aluminum. Front end is oem metal:)
  10. hell yes, Bowling Green next spring if everything goes as planned....
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