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  1. Awesome. Thank you very much. I will be going that route when I get to that point.
  2. Thanks! So could I order their complete kit and use everything except the compressor and the lines you mentioned?
  3. Awesome project and great work! I’m also swapping a 4.6 into the my car. Can you give details of your a/c system please? The limited space behind the passenger side cylinder head is kind of forcing me to run the a/c lines outside the engine bay like you did. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  4. Great progress man! Question. Have you had issues with stress cracks near the firewall or frame rails on your wife's car? I've heard of people having that issue after driving their car with that front suspension. Since the towers are removed, the original load path is no longer followed. I ask because I have a R&C front suspension in my car along with a 2003 Cobra engine.
  5. Wow! car came out great. congrats!
  6. Great progress. Are you going to keep the mold for the front valance? Should you ever need to repair or replace it?
  7. Slow and steady wins the race! Im going to try and do the same. How much time a day do you spend on it?
  8. Well some of the parts I ordered on Black Friday are starting to come in. Parts that were on back order should be here soon. I went with the Tanks inc 22 gallon fuel injection tank. Looks great inside and out. Also got the walbro 400lph pump. I'm hoping it'll be enough. Here are some pictures of the internal baffles.
  9. Hmm. I also have global west SFC and i noticed during mock up that there seems to be an issue with how they mount. Now that I read your post, I wont be surprised if my set has that same issue.
  10. Always loved that color. I'm biased though :)
  11. Nice. Any details on how you installed the handle?
  12. That looks sweet! What a/c system are you going to run now that you filled the firewall in? Im looking at using classic auto air but I'm not sure if the ports will interfere with the passenger side head on my 4.6. I called and they have a universal unit that allows the hoses to be run through the kick panel and on the outside of the frame rails. Also, what fuel pump set up will you be using?
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