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  1. I have a rust free 69 passenger fender in SE Pennsylvania
  2. SOLD-Ford 428 cobra jet based stroker, now 467 cid. Low miles. For now I am going to go off memory. Ford PI aluminum intake C7AE-F, edelbrock performer aluminum heads, msd billet distributor and wires # 8594, crane roller rockers/supports/end stands, roller cam and lifters, forged pistons, rods and steel crank ( confirmed .040" mahle pistons, eagles rods and scat steel 4.25" crank ), 10.5 compression, pump gas, balanced, edelbrock water pump, 1968 ford 428 CJ block, C scratch, extra webbing in mains C7ME-A very early block, November 22, 1967 ( 7L22 ), 8Zxxx vin stamp, oil filter adapter, pulleys, original C8OE fan, belts, and hooker super comp headers with O2 bungs ( car had EFI ). Dyno sheets with it showing 573 torque and 530 hp. $ 12,500 Located in Doylestown, Pa Chris two15/518/0293
  3. fed ex is insane.price is more than the hood !
  4. I have an original 69 hood with scoop on Philadelphia Craigslist for sale
  5. I have the air cleaner and a tilt set up. Both need to be redone. In SE Pennsylania
  6. you guys make the deal ? If not I found my set for sale. Let me know, I wont spoil someone elses deal
  7. link: https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/search/sss?userpostingid=7200080828
  8. Tilt columns, 428 CJ, intakes, shelby stuff, bunch of small torino stuff, 69 mustang sheet metal etc. Type in 428 cobra jet or 1969 mustang. Hit "more adds by this user" On Philadelphia Craigslist in "Doylestown" Thanks, vanscooter
  9. I dont have much small block stuff but my friends do. Got a list ? You can call Chris 215/518/0293 Worst case I can mail it to you
  10. I am driving but if you go on Philadelphia Craigslist and type in 1969 mustang , or 1969 torino, or ford 428 cobra jet all my adds pop up. I am in Doylestown, Pa 18902
  11. can you text me pictures Nate ? Chris 215/518/0293
  12. Sent you a couple emails about my 69 projects and my friends
  13. I have a bunch of adds on Philadelphia craigslist in Doylestown. Mostly 428 cobra jet/super cobra jet. Rebuilt heads, manual carbs etc Thanks https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/pts/d/doylestown-428-cobra-jet-intake/7055808347.html
  14. I have some in Pennsylvania. They are on Philadelphia Craigslist in "Doylestown"
  15. Yeah, it hurt me to do but the body of the car was unsavable AND not one call about it. Had it advertised in a bunch of places with no calls. I kept the dash vin tag and hung it on my wall
  16. the tilt away made it 1 of 1 at the end. Will post pics of Marti Reports
  17. I bought a parts car and am selling the power top, it is also the optional glass back window. No canvas. Moves free. Only area I see that needs attention is the cast front bar piece that meets the windshield trim. Its porous but savable. $ 400 plus shipping. It is in SE Pennsylvania 18902 Email: vanscooter@comcast.net PS, PDB, 302/C4, tilt column, am/8 track, gauges, and glove box dash are spoken for ( thats why I bought this for my car ) Car was actually one of one per Marti report Also have a 69 Q code rusty roller project for sale. On philadelphia Craigslist. In Doylestown, Pa 18902 Thanks
  18. I have a complete power glass window top with out canvas for sale. vanscooter@comcast.net
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