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  1. royclore

    Caltrac's, leafs and suspension Stuff

    Hi Mike, I have some questions about the CalTracs bars. Are they off of a 69-70 mustang?what is the condition of them? Bars are straight, hiem joints still tight? This would include the complete setup of the bars, front bracket at the spring eye, rod ends, and plates that bolt to the leaf spring where the shock attaches. Also all hardware for the front bracket, spacers and such. I also would need the large aluminum bushing in the leaf spring. Would you take $200. for it and I pay shipping? Ship the cheapest possible to 48310. Thanks, Roy
  2. royclore

    best repop interior quarter panel?

    I would be interested in a set too.
  3. royclore

    What vintage Mustang parts should Scott Drake make next ?

    1970 mach1 rocker/door molding
  4. royclore

    69 Mustang

    I like it a lot, bet it handles great too. Whats weird is it kinda reminds me of the newer camaros which I don't like!!!
  5. royclore

    351 build shoot off, W vs. C

    Yea I thought it was pretty bad that they stroked the windsor but not the cleveland. They also used open chamber 4 v heads instead of closed chambers. That would have made a difference with a bump in compression and better cam. Kind of funny that the windsor ended up with the better cleveland heads. Not a fair comparison. Roy
  6. royclore

    Converting Auto To Manual Question

    I did this years ago and didn't have to touch the floor. The hole is the same for both. Make sure you have the correct toploader as far as where the shifter is mounted. I was able to use my driveshaft too. Roy
  7. Look at Rod & Customs Motorsports, their kit fits clevelands. http://www.rcmotorsports.net/ Roy
  8. royclore

    69 mach 1

    Do like I did, you can rent them a lot cheaper here.............. http://smartflix.com/store/video/5657/Body-Panel-Replacement Roy
  9. royclore

    Ford Racing Boss 302 short block

    I've never seen anyone sell brgs. with their blocks, nor do I see where it says the caps aren't included. Maybe I missed it. Roy
  10. royclore

    heidts front sus. with 351w

    I don't know if this helps but when I was thinking about doing this I called the rod & custom motorsports shop. They are the only one that had a conversion that would work with a Cleveland. They sell several pans for a 351W too. One is a Canton pan. You might want to look there. http://www.rcmotorsports.net/5895_rod___custom.pdf Roy
  11. royclore

    C.J. Pony Parts Sheet Metal O.K.?

    Thanks for the reply. Roy
  12. royclore

    C.J. Pony Parts Sheet Metal O.K.?

    Has anyone used the dynacorn rear quarter panels? How do they fit? I need a left side panel. Roy