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  1. New in box never opened black headliner from cj pony parts for 69/70 sportsroofs $20+ shipping from 10540 SOLD THANK YOU
  2. New in box never opened black headliner from cj pony parts for 69/70 sportsroofs $20+ shipping from 10540
  3. If its any help NPD sells that bracket repo, and it's almost spot on!
  4. ill try chipping away at the list INTERIOR standard dash bezel repo- 54.95 standard dash 3pc trim kit repo- 39.95 (sale pending) standard radio bezel w/o console repo- 54.95 standard black coupe carpet repo-104.95 standard black kick panels pair repo- 24.95 coupe interior screw kit- 10.00 10' black windlace- 15.00 door watershield set repo- 10.95 black coupe headliner repo- 24.95 auto trans shift cover plate repo- 39.95 complete weather strip kit for 68 coupe, contact with needs or whole kit front and rear seats complete with new seat tracks with repo black stardard vinyl (local pickup only) $450.00 carpet underlayment kit repo- 29.95 LH interior door handle repo-22.95 RH interior door handle repo-22.95 repo window front and rear handles 8.95 ea repo door lock knobs 3.75 ea 3pc heater cable set repo- 33.20 white face guage kit w/o tach-51.26 EXTERIOR front bumper repo-$84.95 rear bumper repo- $84.95 bumper bolt kit repo- $10.00 rear bumper brackets pair repo- 19.90 68 late style rear quarter reflectors pair repo- 89.95 standard gas cap repo- 49.95 standard rear valance repo -32.95 hood molding repo-12.95 Rh wide grille molding repo- 20.95 lh wide grille molding repo- 20.95 rh thin grille molding repo- 14.95 lh thin grille molding repo 14.95 grille joint cover repo- 9.95 griller molding kit repo- 6.00 parking light kit w bezels repo -124.95 trunk lid molding repo-24.95 lh rear quarter extension molding repo-12.95 rh rear quarter ext molding repo 12.95 taillight bezel kit set of 6 repo- 44.95 taillight housing repo-38.43 backup light kit repo 69.95 set of 4 wheel well opening molding 54.95 pair repo exterior door handles- 24.95 LH Rear splash shield repo-14.95 RH rear splash shield repo-14.95 AMK complete body hardware kit- 195.00 AMK complete interior hardware kit-85.00
  5. I'll try and get a list goin but no joke I probably have every repo part in the catalogues lol
  6. So I'm selling off all my parts for my 68 coupe. It's a mix of repo and original parts. Repo's are all new in packaging but will sell for lower then listing price Let me know what you need
  7. Once you set up an account they regularly send u promo codes.
  8. On the dash pad I took out the screw in the lower dash behind the trim cap over by the door panel. Then I removed the 3 screws at the windshield to give me enough slack to wiggle things out. I then took out the 6 screws holding the clock panel to the dash pad and lower dash. Carefully wiggle things out because those plastic parts ar extremely brittle
  9. Yea that's the company I used, he takes the oem movements from the units he concerts and reconditions then and resells them. They are currently out of stock tho
  10. I just converted my 69 and my dads 70 deluxe clocks over to a quartz movement. If anyone is a little overwhelmed to tackle the conversion send me your clock and the conversion along with anything else like lenses to install and I'll do it for a fraction of the other guys. A side note, after I finished our conversions I was tinkering with the original movements and was able to get them working on the bench. We aren't concours cars so we went with the quartz for reliability and less battery drain
  11. thanks guys once i got my ass in the trunk i was able to find the connecter above the wheel well. it was unplugged.....it must have been pulled out by mistake one time because i never disconnected it. well anyways, im glad something was an easy fix for once in a while. btw the pics were a huge help thanks !!!
  12. I just looked at my dads 70 marti report and it's not listed on the options either. He does have the heavy duty cooling package, maybe the bigger battery was part of that?
  13. Yea both types look the same once installed
  14. Thanks the 69 is mine, the 70 is my dads he's the 2nd owner, bought off a buddy in 71 that needed to sell it to get married. The car has 56k miles never restored
  15. The group 27 battery was an option available. My dads 70 351c has the 27 battery. If yourcar doesn't have the 27 tray it either didn't come with it from the factory or over the years the wrong replacement was installed. My 69 was originally a 390 car but had the 24 group battery
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