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  1. FINALLY! I drove my car for the first time in over 9 years this past week!! What a great feeling :) It isn't perfect by any stretch yet...working out the gremlins, but it sure is fun. I (and my kids) love the attention it has gotten. Here's a preview:
  2. Ditto on the random attached thumbnail images that can't be deleted (I at least tried). My progress build thread, post #81. Never seen those pics before.
  3. Here's a 30 sec video on how it sounds (next time, I'll jump in and hit the go-fast pedal) http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v300/00redGT/Mustang%20Restoration%20in%20AZ/Exhaust.mp4
  4. Woo hoo! Got the exhaustt hung this week :) It's a 2.25" dual system, with H-pipe, Magnaflow mufflers, and some tips that fit the opening perfectly! On my '00 Mustang GT, I installed a Magnaflow cat-back, and it was really nice. So, I wanted Magnaflow again. As many here know, the '70 convertible cross brace pretty much makes kits worthless. So, this time I hired someone to install a custom system with Magnaflow mufflers...and they did a great job for not much more than the kit I put on the '70...very happy.
  5. That's where I am...originally wanted '70 Boss stripes since I have a '70...then felt that was overdone. Then, I wanted the '70 grabber stripes that look like the '69 Boss stripes without the words. However, I'm now happy with no stripes and think it looks great like that. Stripes/no stripes...don't think it matters really. Just get the real thing if you do. I never liked stripes on the side of a ride that are painted on and look similar to the original stripes, but are obviously not the same. It just never looks right to me. I appreciate the extra work from folks, but it just doesn't look good to me. Just my $0.02. Funny enough, it's the same thing with a hood scoop for me...originally I wanted a shaker, then a Mach 1 scoop...then a Cougar Eliminator scoop. I'm very happy without one, but if I did, I'd get the Cougar scoop.
  6. Little update...things are getting closer. HOPING, Hoping, hoping it'll be drivable in January. Some things off the top of my head...interior back together, convertible top, exhaust, AC lines completed, coolant overflow tank, panel fitment needs adjusted, and a bunch of little odds and ends...finish touch stuff. It can actually be driven down a drive or parking lot, but it sounds like a race car with the open headers :devil2:
  7. You know, what I need to do is post some new pics. There's been a lot of progress...body panels are back on, front spoiler is on, the suspension has been aligned, much of the trim is back on. Interior is still apart and I'm waiting on a few small pieces in the mail. One showed up today - single union wire cable connector to connect the Lokar rear parking brake cables to the single wire from the S197 center brake handle. Once the parking brake is done, the exhaust can be completed, and then mechanically, it'll be complete. All that's left is interior, convertible top, and engine tuning. I'm anxious to drive it, so the stereo and trimming/finishing the trunk interior will be a Christmas break project. It's been way too long, and I need to drive it!!
  8. Thanks. Wheels are Ford Racing 2000 Cobra R's that are 18"x9.5" with 6.12" backspacing. Its a standard Mustang 5 lug setup...same that they've been using for years, so 5x4.5" if I recall correctly. Funny thing is that even with that backspacing (bigger than most vintage wheels), the wider wheel makes them a great fit. For gauges, I waffled back and forth on a lot of options, and in the end, decided many of them weren't worth the cost to me now. So, the housing was scuffed and painted all black to lose the yellowed chrome trim (looks great!), bought new Scott Drake lenses, and I'm keeping the stock gauges, with two adjustments. I had the ammeter guts replaced and converted it to a voltmeter, and I'm painting the needles to make them all the same and look new. For a tach (I need one with a manual tranny), I'm getting an autometer street tach...likely this one: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/atm-2894 Going with stock in-dash AC unit (rebuilt), with nicer middle dash vents. I have a sanden compressor from the serpentine setup I bought that it'll connect to.
  9. These pics don't do justice to how awesome this color is in person. My Truck: My previous Mustang My '70 when it was in the booth
  10. Looks exactly like the color of my ride: "performance red". My '00 Stang was that color...and I liked it so much, I put the color on my 70. I get compliments all the time on that color. Every so many years, Ford brings it back and gives it a new name. My '12 F150 is a very similar color: "Race Red". Performance Red has a small hint more orange in it.
  11. And now...the day has come!! This is from two weeks ago. You couldn't stop me from smiling for the next three days. There was no tuning or anything before this. The video is actually the second time firing it. I was too excited to mess around with the camera the first time. Just finished the fuel line, had everything setup, and hit the starter. No exhaust, except for mid-length headers. WOW did it sound great :devil2:
  12. Air conditioning is going in! Found a nice original lower dash and box setup to use...was looking at aftermarket kits, and then this fell in my lap. The only thing is that I'll have aftermarket dash pad AC vents...wanted louvers that had more adjustability to keep the picky one who will be riding in the passenger seat from complaining :innocent:
  13. Time for an update. Its been a few months, and my car has burned a hole in my bank account :scared: Like the rest of my car, the engine bay will be mostly black, with silver/grey, with red highlights. The yellow battery is just a temp. My Optima Red Top just showed up yesterday. Here's the engine right after they put it in the bay: Roller rockers installed: And here it is, nearly ready to fire!
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