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  1. Yes. The engine was built with a water pump that had the outlet on the driver's side, but my radiator has the inlet on the passenger's side so I switched the to the proper water pump & the crank pulley that I had would not fit with the proper water pump.
  2. Got the new water pump & the alternator installed. Ordered a new crankshaft pulley & spacer.
  3. Finally got all the fuel lines installed & secured.
  4. Nice work Pete, it is looking good.
  5. Yesterday I started installing the new fuel lines & found I have the wrong size fittings at the fuel filter. Ordered new fittings from Summit Racing.
  6. For anyone that is interested there is a large all Ford/Mustang show in Greensboro, N.C. in The Home Depot parking lot on Saturday June 15th. It is at 4425 W. Wendover Ave, Greensboro. My wife & I went to the show in 2022 & it was a great show. We will be there again this year. (20+) 39th Annual Mustang and Ford Powered Show | Facebook
  7. Looking good Vic. Before you know it you will be out driving it.
  8. Mike65

    Bandwidth issue

    Thanks ben. If you need any help with the spam posts, I would be happy to help.
  9. Welcome to the forum. I cannot help you with any pics since my 69 Coupe is still apart. IIRC the rail that retains the weatherstripping that runs from the "A" pillar to the sail panel holds the weatherstripping for the door & the quarter windows. The weatherstripping fits into it.
  10. I have the book with the red cover & I think it is just a rehash of the Osborn manuals.
  11. It is looking very good Vic. Why is the front bumper black & the rear bumper body color, wouldn't it look better with the front bumper body color? Looks like you 70 has 69 Quarter panels. I thought the70 quarter panels were smooth without the horizontal ridge. I had (many years ago) a 70 Coupe & the panels were smooth, & I am on my 2nd 69 Coupe & they both have the horizontal ridge like yours.
  12. Those are the same ones I have to install on my 69 Coupe.
  13. Randy if you would like I could go out to the shop & measure my 69 Coupe if you would like.
  14. When I acquired my 69 Coupe many years ago it was missing most of the f/e sheet metal. Over the years I have bought all the stuff including the stainless trim used original Ford stuff so it should fit.
  15. It is 8:10am here in southwestern Va & it is good to see the site back up again. I missed it last month when it was down for most of the month.
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