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  1. I used the Master Series Silver as a primer on the inside & outside of the engine compartment inner fender panels & then top coated it with their chassis black. I also coated the interior side of the firewall & floors, & then applied sound deadner material on top of it. http://masterseriesct.com/page4.html http://masterseriesct.com/page7.html
  2. Vic, the car looks great, did you get the Fi tech running right?.
  3. Hi Vic, Now that the weather is cooling off I will be back working on the Mustang between trips to southern Virginia where my wife & I purchased a house. The house is just west of Martinsville in Virginia which we are going to renovate to use as our house when we retire in 2 years, & we will sell the house we are currently living in here in NJ. Here is a pic of the house. The house sits on 1 acre of land & there is enough room to put up a 2 car garage to the left of the carport. I have to get more welding gas before I can weld in the sub frame connectors.
  4. Casey, when I installed the power disc brakes in my 69 Coupe I used an original looking reproduction disc brake proportioning valve & distribution block assembly that I purchased from Tony D. Branda Mustang in Altoona, Pa. I can not tell you the quality of the part since my Mustang is not running yet. Here is a link to the part. http://www.cobranda.com/19dibrprvaan.html
  5. Shep69 I have a Spectra premium fuel tank with the pump in the tank that has 2 fittings on the sender where the pump is mounted to be able to run a feed & return line. I have not yet decided if I am going to use a carb or go EFI. I am using for the fuel line ni copp (nickel/copper) line that is easy to form & bend & use where the line connects at the fuel tank, fuel filter, & at the engine Gates barricade fuel injection hose. I am using Aeroquip socket less hose ends for the connections from the hard to the soft lines, & a Quick Fuel fuel pressure regulator if I run a carb. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=6404190&cc=1132399&jsn=558 https://unchain.gates.com/us/en/search?text=27349 https://www.amazon.com/Nickel-Copper-Brake-Transmission-Tubing/dp/B00A1WBYUC https://www.summitracing.com/parts/qft-30-900qft
  6. When I mounted the same exact fans to my 24" stock radiator I trimmed off the mounting tabs on the fan shroud & used the mounting tabs on the sides of the radiator to mount a piece of aluminum angle to each side of the radiator & then I drilled 2 holes on each side of the fan shroud & bolted it to the aluminum angle.
  7. Casey, so sorry to hear the news. We will pray for you & Sue.
  8. I got a 95 amp Ford alternator.
  9. Bob, the title of the thread says 1970 Coupe. No I can not help you with lotto numbers unless you want the loosing numbers I have been playing, LOL.
  10. Very nice looking 70 Coupe, love the color.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Any pics of the Coupe?. My first car & first Mustang was a 1970 Coupe.
  12. With my 69 Coupe I am going the restomod route. I have performed the Arning/Shelby UCA drop, rebuilt the complete front suspension using period correct looking parts that have been modified including a roller idler arm for the manual steering, 1" lowering front coil springs, 1" lowering 4.5 mid eye rear leaf springs, adjustable strut rods, 68/69 Mustang GT wheels, Mach-1 hood scoop, front & rear spoilers, & Shelby convertible lower side scoops. It has a modified 5.0 roller motor, T-5 5 speed, hydraulic clutch, dual electric cooling fans, front disc brake conversion a period correct looking AM/FM stereo with modified internals to be able to play my MP-3 player through it, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, sub frame connectors, Monte Carlo bar, export brace, rear seat to trunk divider panel, & a complete rewire using AAW wiring kit. My Coupe was originally painted meadowlark yellow, I will have it painted chrome yellow still keeping it in the yellow family, & still trying to decide if I want to go EFI or just put a carb on it.
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