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  1. Yes Vic NJ has gone mad, that is why I looking to get out as soon as I retire in just under 3 years.
  2. Bob, I have a 69/70 Mustang exploded view illustration manual that has a pic of the F/E sheet metal. It is a Jim Osborn manual #MP348 which I purchased from Missouri Mustang when I was re-building my steering column. Here is a link to the manual on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/1969-1970-Mustang-Exploded-Illustration-Manual/dp/B00MQ7QDK6 Or I can take a pic of the page & post it here if you would like, or here is the link to the book. https://missourimustang.com/1969-70-exploded-view-illustration-manual/
  3. I am getting ready to install the spark plugs & make the spark plug wires for the 5.0 for my 69 Coupe & was wondering what everyone else has done to keep the spark plug wires neat & off the engine & the exhaust. Pictures & product info and/or a link to said part would be a great help.
  4. Nice work on the column RobotMan. I rebuilt the column in my Coupe when I had it out a couple years ago.
  5. Mike thanks for the pic of the fuel lines.
  6. Mike, nice work on the fuel lines. Can you post a pic of the lines back at the fuel tank please?.
  7. Sam, welcome back good to hear from you again. The radio comes out as was described above. I recommend contacting member danno on the forum, he did a mp-3 conversion on a factory am/fm radio for me. It looks stock on the front & the extra wiring comes out the back. I drilled a small hole in the plastic glove box liner & put the input wire for the conversion in the glove box so when I get around to using it I will plug the mp-3 player in & leave it in the glove box & it looks stock from the front.
  8. When I replaced the l/s & r/s quarter panel skins on my 69 Coupe I had to replace both sides outer wheel houses also. I thought they were a good match to the quarter panel skins.
  9. When I had my collection of MM magazines the last time we moved I only kept the ones that had articles that pertained to 69 or 65 Mustangs.
  10. You are welcome. Those should be the only thing except for the actual muffler hangers that you will need to install a dual exhaust.
  11. Machspeed get these & weld them in, they are the floor pan supports for the dual exhaust hangers. Here is a picture of them welded in my 69 Coupe. https://www.virginiaclassicmustang.com/67-69-MUSTANG-DUAL-EXHAUST-FLOOR-PAN-REINFORCEMENT-PLATE-LH-P438385.aspx https://www.virginiaclassicmustang.com/67-69-MUSTANG-DUAL-EXHAUST-FLOOR-PAN-REINFORCEMENT-PLATE-RH-P438386.aspx https://www.virginiaclassicmustang.com/65-69-FLOOR-TO-MUFFLER-HANGER-PLATES-PAIR-P1759.aspx
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