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    maleah got a reaction from stangman69 in Headers   
    I have a 69 convertible, 351w, 4 speed and power steering.  I use the ceramic Patriot long tubes headers. #H8401-1.  Fairly easy to install, even for a 4speed and steering setup.  Made a world of difference that I could feel.  If you order from advanced auto and use the 20 or 25% promo code, it will take off about $90 bucks for a total of about $320 for a pair of ceramic long tubes. 
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    maleah got a reaction from Topher26041 in Headers   
    Just go on Advanced web site and look at the top of the page.  Today its 25% off.  Or you can google Advanced auto promo codes.  Once you checkout there is a box that asks for the "promo" code and it adjusts the price accordingly.  I use it all the time for different items. 
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    maleah got a reaction from sherriepl3 in Buddy Bar 351W Ford intake C90-X9424A   
    Item Location, Quakertown Pennsylvania.  $450.00 

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    maleah got a reaction from winifredng69 in Ford 351W C90X 9424 A Intake   
    I have a Ford Intake C90X-9424 A intake for a 351W.  Ford lettering is raised block style. Intake is in excellent shape as it was used by me for about 2 seasons.   Any one interested in this Intake before I list on Craigslist or ebay?  I called Cobranda in PA and received their value of the intake.  I will consider any reasonable offer if interested.  I can provide pics in a day or so.  I live outside the city of Philadelphia PA. 
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    maleah got a reaction from winifredng69 in Power brake booster installation   
    Going to be buying and installing a power brake booster on my 69 convertible.  What parts are exactly needed and can I piece it together with my current parts?  I currently have front disks, rear drums and the original break/clutch pedal combo.  I have the correct master cylinder with no proportioning valve.  Any drilling needed in the firewall? Any input would be appreciated.
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    maleah got a reaction from Robertpr in Lifter replacement   
    I have a lifter on the passenger side that needs to be replaced.  On start up its a pretty good knocking sound but goes away after a minute or two when the engine warms up.  My question is is it ok just to replace the bad lifter or should I replace all?  while im in there should I inspect the push rods as well?  Is there an easy way to see if the cam has been damaged due to the bad lifter?  I have a 69 convertible with a 351w that really isnt modified that much.  Any tips or suggestions would be greatly apprecited.  
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