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  1. Thanks Brian! Is it on the pedal itself or on the frame?
  2. Can someone show me the location of the clutch bump stop in the 69? I for the life of me cant see where it supposed to go. Any diagrams or pictures would be great. Thanks!
  3. Check out Tristar engines in Wisconsin. I just installed a 408 from them, but they have various engine sizes and performance options. They were great to work with and kept me up to speed throughout the build process. I have been very happy with the engine, the parts they use and the customer service.
  4. Topher, my bad, i gave you the wrong patriot numbers. Its H8403-1. I just installed a new 351 crate engine and installed these headers again with no issues.
  5. Topher, I would believe it would be easy for you with an automatic as most of the nightmares with headers and 69 mustangs comes with 4 speeds and power steering set ups. I had zero clearance issues with the Patriot headers and the Pypes exhaust setup. I have the Pypes exhaust system for the 69 with the X pipe and the violator mufflers. Had Flowmasters with a ton of drone. Violators are awesome with no drone. The X pipe is a tight fit but doable. If in doubt google 1969 mustang, automatic with headers and see what comes up.
  6. Just go on Advanced web site and look at the top of the page. Today its 25% off. Or you can google Advanced auto promo codes. Once you checkout there is a box that asks for the "promo" code and it adjusts the price accordingly. I use it all the time for different items.
  7. I have a 69 convertible, 351w, 4 speed and power steering. I use the ceramic Patriot long tubes headers. #H8401-1. Fairly easy to install, even for a 4speed and steering setup. Made a world of difference that I could feel. If you order from advanced auto and use the 20 or 25% promo code, it will take off about $90 bucks for a total of about $320 for a pair of ceramic long tubes.
  8. The Temp rises after when i am cruising above 30 mph. 80 degrees was the temp outside. I didnt have this issue a month or so ago. New aluminum radiator and just replaced the thermostat to a 180 degree. 5 blade fan. I just replaced the pertronix ignitor to a new one, took out distributor and put back in. redid the timing. I replaced a wire on the back of the alternator that had fallen off. the reason i asked about the alternator is that when sometimes it seems like my temp gauge and my my oil pressure gague are above normal when driving and then will "kick down" after a few minutes. Could that be from the 3g alternator?
  9. yes, they are ceramic coated. I dont understand why the temp will be "normal" one time, and then an hour later it starts to peg.
  10. Would installing headers and a new larger exhaust increase the temp in my 351w? After switching out the old stock exhaust manifolds for long tube headers and installing a 2 1/2 exhaust system, my temp seems to rise at times almost to the "H" on my gauge, not all the time but sometimes. Granted i switched everything out in the spring when temps were a lot lower and now its summer. I cant figure out why at times the temp seems to be normal and then at others its close to pegging near the "H". Could this have anything to do with the amount of voltage the system is getting from the alternator at times?
  11. Installed a pair of Patriot ceramic long tubs on my 69 convertible, 351w, 4 speed, power steering. Had to use a 302 zbar. Easy install. Plugs are easy to get to.
  12. How much of a driving difference do you feel going from a non power set up to power?
  13. Looking to replace stock set up with disks in the front and shoes in the back. Any suggestions on replacements to upgrade from stock? Im using the car now in the spring/summer/fall for shows, rides and general driving fun. Im going to keep the non power disk set up and keep the shoes in the back. Thanks!
  14. Has anyone successfully painted or dyed their convertible top? I have a white original top that just needs some refresh and will keep it white. . I’ve used the Westlys bleach white numerous times but it’s time to paint or dye. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on products and applications. Thanks!
  15. A mouse must have taken his prized small acorn up into the recesses of my hood for a private dinner so every time I open the hood i hear the acorn roll down to the back, and when i close the hood it rolls back to the front and what is really frustrating is that I know there is nothing I can do about it to get it out.!
  16. I of course spoke to soon as of my first writing I hadn't installed my z bar. Lesson learned...a 351w z-bar is different from a 302 z bar (which looks like a 302 bar would work). My 351 bar fits but will not allow the lower rod to hook up as it it pressed against the header. I am going to pull it out and modify my bar so it will work.
  17. Just wanted to pass on my experience with header installation on my 69 convertible last week. After reading many, many stories of problem installs, i went into this thinking it would be a very hard project. I looked at each major header that was out there and decided on the Patriot ceramic long tube headers. I ordered them through Advance auto and used the 30% coupon they offer so I received a set of ceramic long tube headers for under $300. I have a 351w with a 4 speed and power steering. I disconnected the z- bar and took out the spark plugs and jacked up the car front and back. 35 minutes later i was bolting up the headers. They fit perfectly, look great and were easy to install, and even though the drivers side took a little wiggling to get in, it wasn't difficult at all. I have about a 1/4 space from the flange to my floor boards. I spent more time on the Pypes exhaust system as I had to fab a few bends to fit up correctly.
  18. Does anyone have an opinion on the Edlebrock top end packages for the Ford 351w? Or, should i look to piece the top end together with different heads/cam etc?
  19. Scoped the pistons out this past weekend and found that they are flat top. I have been looking at the AFR heads but not sure which ones to research for my application and i know nothing regarding cams. I know I will need a new, bigger carb and will be upgrading to headers and a 2 1/2 exhaust. I currently have the Stealth intake.
  20. Spirited driving around town as I dont think I would ever get to a track with a convertible. As for a budget, $3500 to $4000 or so would be my goal. As for the pistons, I dont know. my guess would be flat, as I bought the long block it back in the 90's for $1400. I only have around 15000 miles on the car and engine since 1991, am not leaking oil anywhere and does not burn any oil whatsoever so im thinking the lower end is ok. I do remember a conversation a conversation I had with the builder back then regarding the 302 heads on the 351 block. He mentioned the block would have more compression with the 302 heads. As for the headers, I have the 4 speed and power steering. I know that truly limits my header applications. I do have flowmaster mufflers currently.
  21. Looking for opinions for a head and cam combo. Currently I have a stock bottom end 351w, with a mild cam from the 1990's. the heads are stock 302 heads. I have a Weiand stealth intake with a 600 summit carb. 3.25 traction loc rear with a 4 speed toploader. I was thinking on keeping the stock bottom end. I plan on upgrading to headers and 2.5 inch exhaust as it is now only 2inch with stock exhaust manifolds. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. MY current set up is a 351w, with 302 heads (my only guess is the engine builder figured more compression with the 302 heads?). I have a Weiand stealth intake, a summit racing 600 carb and a cam that is a little more aggresive than stock. I still have the stock exhaust manifolds as well. I am thinking of getting a new pair of heads. Any suggestions on which brand, what specs, and where can I buy? Thanks!
  23. Item Location, Quakertown Pennsylvania. $450.00
  24. Funny you should mention the belt. I tightened it up as I thought the same thing. I just took readings again, tested the voltage coming out of the coil wire (to the distributor) and am getting 12 volts. Tested spark at the spark plug wire and getting nothing, which now leads me back to thinking its th module. Funny stuff, my car certainly challenges me at times. I did put a stock coil back on and same results as my accel coil, minus a few volts. The car started fine yesterday and now again won't start at all? And yes, each time I replaced the module car worked fine for a few months and then would just cut off while driving.
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