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  1. Hi guys, I am in the middle of a trade with a guy that I've never traded with before. We are trading my T5 for his AOD. I am still green when it comes to identifying specific parts like an AOD. How can I tell that it's an AOD and not just 4 speed?
  2. has anyone ever done their whole floor? Since the carpet holds moisture too. Its just an idea that popped in my head after reading this thread. In case for some really bad case of drink spillage that sat for 35+ years til the current owner pulled up the carpet:scared:
  3. I spent 2k and all I got was a pile of rust.... 20k later.... still doesn't run... FML
  4. I know very little of muffler bearings.... but that was funny.
  5. depends how much functional power you plan on using. If you plan on serious drag racing then this conversion is probably not for you. I have this conversion and I use a 347 but I don't care to hit the drag often so this conversion works perfect for me. The T5 conversion doesn't need too much. There is a few places online where u can find everything you need like modern driveline. just google it and you should find everything you need within the first 5 links.
  6. Hey all, I am looking at some rims that would fit my paint scheme perfect and I can have them in a trade for a broken pickup I don't use anymore. They only hangup is that they are 5x115. I did research and the 69 mustang is suppose to be 114.3 and it doesn't take a genius to figure out 114.3 doesn't equal 115. So i looked in some forums dealing with bolt patterns but most just have users arguing over the issue. SO.... does anyone use 5x115 on their mustangs?
  7. Ha! yea that would be great. The new Burger King of automakers.... "Have it your way". IMO too bad that the 2010 are hideous on the rear end. If I was to buy a new car I'd want the whole car to look the way I want it, not just 90% of it.
  8. Price markup cannot be factored in this dispute since the buyer agreed to the cost. Therefore the dash cost $300 and splitting it is about the best resolution since you would not get a better deal dealing with a parts company. The only thing you can gain from this experience is to not use UPS if they cannot honor their insurance claims. And this is more of an ethical dispute rather than a law dispute.
  9. Well that is encouraging to hear if they can go on either window. Mostly because the Cougar moldings go on the quarter glass and I believe (could be wrong) that the moldings on the mustang go on the front glass. So to answer your question I was going to install them on the quarter glass if I decide to purchase the cougar moldings. But due to recent developments, I have found pictures of my car having them on, which means they must be around my shop somewhere :blink: And if one of the moderators stop by I want to say I proudly used the search function before starting this thread, but none of it dealt with this particular subject.
  10. Yea they look very close, and there is a salvage yard just 20 minutes away from me selling them for $30 a piece which isn't bad since the Arizona one ran out. I'd hate to buy them and then they don't fit.
  11. I am looking for the stainless steel side molding that is between the front glass and quarter glass that holds the weatherstripping for a 69 coupe Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I found some of the stainless steel quarter moldings in between the front glass and the quarter window. The catch is that they are off a 1969 Cougar coupe, so my question is if they will fit my 69 coupe. Thanks My project is really coming along so i'll have to update pics on my restomod coupe.
  13. Doing the 5 spd. conversion. Anyone got a clutch pedal laying around they are willing to sell? Or other parts needed for the conversion? Using a T5.
  14. Well I would say the easiest way to go about it is to get the standard four speed. The only argument to that is while your down there you might as well put in a 5 speed. Currently I am doing the T5 swap just cause i don't want to spend a thousand dollars for the T5z which you can pick up from Modern Driveline. http://www.moderndriveline.com/catalog/custom_conversion.htm If you scroll down on this page you can see the whole conversion kit needed to make the swap, and this way is probably the easiest since they give you everything needed. this is also a good article to read up on http://www.fordmuscle.com/archives/2000/09/t5swap/
  15. yea I am looking to buy a used one and rebuild. Thanks for the link I understand more about the T5 now. Does it matter at all what year it is, or do they all fit?
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