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  1. I realize a cruise control but nothing else in the car for it. Just hoping not tied to anything else as I would like just simply to remove this wiring.
  2. Thanks Mach 1 Driver. It isn't going to anything in engine compartment side so have to dig into below column inside where it looks to go. I purchased all new harness's from AMP out of upstate NY which has nothing related/ going to speed control. Honestly don't even know what the Speed control harness would go to or even do in this year car?
  3. Ty again, not connected to anything now and not planning to complicate this project so maybe someday I will reach out to have it refurbished for someone who may need.
  4. Ok, TY Midlife! any thoughts on the actual harness C9ZB 9A840F. I have been searching and cannot find anything.
  5. I stand corrected after taking photos. Going blind as well as color blind.....probably shouldn't be taking on this project but pig headed to make all correct. Harness in question is C9ZB 9A840F, not 94840F. I hope these pictures help identify. The green out of mystery harness is tied to auxillary out of fuse box and blue is tied to 2 blue underneath/ near column what seems to be a "wad" of rubber that looks original. Just throwing this out there.... possible this is all replaced in late 70's from a donor couger as I found wiper motor/ pigtail sporting couger colors from what I saw on WCC site as OEM from a couger. Last picture what seems to be other end coming into engine bay through plug above engine feed, wiper and NSS.
  6. About to replace 55 year old main harness with new. Got dash apart to find a portion of a seperate harness that haven't dug into yet (2 red, a white and looks to be violet with red stripe wires with white plastic "clip" type connector- not like any others) hiding behind gauge cluster, I know it eventually makes out into engine compartment directly through hole in firewall above the gauge feed and wiper motor cluster, Sticker part #C9ZB-94840F. Before digging much deeper, anyone have any ideas what it is purpose is. Other side has a white, yellow and larger green feeding 3 ea separate pin connectors in engine compartment that go nowhere but looks very butchered so not sure mid section is original. 69 mach 1 non tach, no a/c.
  7. Thank you again so much for your help! Hoping others can use all this useful info as well.
  8. Yes understood, TY for your responding to this!! obviously I dont know much about alternators but the repo harness connection like pictured about thread by wycked 69 doesnt have stat cradle for a plug cover....only "flo" and "battery" cradles (again this is a non tach car but replacing what looks to be original harness that was made for with tach similiar to your last post picture) and Im not sure what the stat terminal puts out if anything so therefore does it need somehow covered since not being used. By the way the schemetic you sent earlier... its great, what is your source as I have the Osborn and Drake versions that arent nearly as specific, ledgeable.
  9. Ty Mach 1 Driver! so on backside alternator there is a pin/ terminal labeled "STA" for the Stator wire. What would you suggest to address it.... just leave bare/ unprotected or something else?
  10. All very useful info, thanks. a quick 2 questions.....non tach, using the pictured harness, what connects to "stator" pin? and.. assume the black red near end of under hood harness with ring terminal is the other side for ground by tying to fender apron near regulator?
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