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  1. A guy on facebook is selling a low miles coyote engine, trans, wiring etc for a decent price. He showed a video of it running where it looked like the car was in decent shape. I asked about if he would sell the whole car, he said he could not since it is not paid off. So... he is parting out a car and I am pretty sure he will not pay off his loan. Not exactly a stolen engine, but.. the lender I would guess would not be happy about it. What trouble the guy selling or the guy who buys would get in. I am not going to buy it, but curious if anyone heard of anyone doing this? If someone buys an engine not knowing this is what happened and places it in a car, can it be traced to the car that was repo'ed?
  2. Hi, I have a 69 convertible. I used to have one in college and loved it. I just got another one and want to make it into a daily reliable driver. I am considering various options and I am looking for resources and advice. Mine is basic, manual drum brakes manual steering. I want power disk and power steering and an engine that just works. ( my college mustang was aazing fun, but constant repairs) One option is getting a donor car, maybe a 2012 or 2019 and taking what I can out of it and placing it in my car.... if possible. What can be swapped? I am guessing the coyote engine and auto transmission... But what else? Can you swap over brakes? steering? AC? Any threads on this? It would be great it possible tjust swap it all over. But what works? and what year modern mustang works best to swap? Alternatively, I am considering just getting kits for everything. I see there is an ididit electric power steering kit, anyone know of this? any good? Any other suggestions? I see ther heidts mustang II superride system with brakes and it looks like power steering... any good? any cheaper suggestings? I have seen people use a 8.8 rear end out of an explorer and use the power brakes on that... any suggestions on this? If I keep the 302 in it, what suggestions to make it reliable? fuel injection? MSD ignition? or? It would be great if there was a thread that outlined all the options for various goals, like all the power steering options, pros and cons. all the power brake options with pros and cons. Any threads like that? I did a search and did not come up with it yet... So basically, I know nothing, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. I would go with leather. I have leather in my current convertible. I drive it daily and its 10 years old and no noticablewear and tear from the sun.
  4. Hi, Was there supposed to be a link to another post?
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