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  1. Hey All !! Just checking in to see what's new. I still haven't replaced my top yet but I hope to in the coming weeks if I can get my sorry, lazy ass back into the shop !! I am also hoping to get the interior done this spring...Just more $$$$...Damn money pit !

     I'm starting to get the itch to take her out for a spin but it's still a little cool out. I like the new site but all my pictures disappeared  !! WTF !!?? LOL

  2. Hello all ! Its been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been stalking on here a few times.

    Great to see more of these great cars being saved! I haven't done too much to mine other than drive her. As summer is quickly approaching she will be on the road again very soon. My next project is gonna be the top. I have a new pump I am going to install this weekend and I also have a new top. Just wondering if the top is something I should have an upholstery shop do?

    I have never done a convertible top before and I would hate to wreck a perfectly good top.

  3. Were you on Fort Lewis, close to Madigan Hospital this morning around 8 AM? I saw one that looked just like that this morning coming onto base.


    Nope, that wasn't me. I work on a Military base (Navy), but in Canada.


    And sorry Cupid, the sister aint your type !!If ya know what I mean....:whistling:

  4. Hello All !!

    Long time no see !! I haven't been doing much work on the ride for a while but I have been driving her ! So now that winter is here and the rains have started I thought it would be a good time to play some more. I am thinking about replacing the top on the vert. I did do a search but couldn't find much on this. I know Pakrat did his, but I couldn't find any thread... Mind you It may just be wine soaked brain syndrome...:lol:..

    Anyhow, Is it a job a person can do on his own or would this be better left to a professional ?? Any info would be greatly appreciated !!

  5. I have been painting since I was 16 (31 years now...yikes..) and have used many different brand. I find that DuPont was the best for consistency and durability. PPG has some very good stuff as well. Sikkens also has a good line but their price point is pretty high. For my own vehicles I use DuPont.

    Now if your planning on doing your own spraying you have to keep in mind that most suppliers are moving toward water based systems that require new and expensive equipment.

    Dupont still has a solvent based product called NASON . Its easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

  6. Well gents,

    I haven't been here much lately, too much work and family stuff going on. The weather here has been so crappy we haven't even had a chance to have a good BBQ, never mind drive the car. But this weekend we finally had a break. Yesterday was sunny and I got to drive the Stang to the golf course and tomorrow I plan on smoking me some baby back ribs. This pic sums up my weekend so far...hopefully tomorrow when the ribs are done I can add another pic...maybe a bikini clad woman...

    Anyway, after all this whiskey induced rambling...how about posting some good, "It's good to be a man" pics....


    Ah...just to make this a really good man weekend...As I type this I'm watch 3:10 to Uma...Nothing like a good duster !!!


    Have a great summer all !!!

  7. Congrats !!! Great to see your almost done !! Another Clevor on the road :thumbup:. Just a quick question. I am also considering the Powerjection system. Do you know if I would need a different manifold or is it a bolt on type of system. I am getting a little frustrated with always tweaking my Edelbrock carb.


    Cheers !!!

  8. I am 46, Happily married with 2 boys, 26 and 21 years old. I am a civilian working for the Dept. Of National Defence here in Canada. I am a Quality Control Officer for weapons systems on the Victoria Class Submarines.

    I have owned every generation of Mustang since I was 16. My only regret so far is selling my '70 BOSS 302 in the early '80's to take a trip to Hawaii...sigh... The stupid things ya do when your young...

    I also fly, I took my pilots license in 1996...Thus my nick mane 'flight96'. I just have my private license, I do a bit of aerobatic stuff as well. I love to fly !!

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