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  1. OK, So I have been following this for a while and I too am considering the LED idea. Do they make a set for the whole car? Tails, markers and front signals? I find the front signal lights on the 69 are very hard for people to see.
  2. Hey All !! Just checking in to see what's new. I still haven't replaced my top yet but I hope to in the coming weeks if I can get my sorry, lazy ass back into the shop !! I am also hoping to get the interior done this spring...Just more $$$$...Damn money pit ! I'm starting to get the itch to take her out for a spin but it's still a little cool out. I like the new site but all my pictures disappeared !! WTF !!?? LOL
  3. LOL...Not yet...Its still sitting in my parts room...I really meant to do it in Feb. but that was overtaken by lazyness :-) ...Now the weather is too nice... But I will get to it...and aligning the fricken windows...soon..
  4. Hey All ! I haven't been back for a while...WOW, a lot of changes !! All the pics are gone in the move I guess....
  5. Hello all ! Its been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been stalking on here a few times. Great to see more of these great cars being saved! I haven't done too much to mine other than drive her. As summer is quickly approaching she will be on the road again very soon. My next project is gonna be the top. I have a new pump I am going to install this weekend and I also have a new top. Just wondering if the top is something I should have an upholstery shop do? I have never done a convertible top before and I would hate to wreck a perfectly good top.
  6. My car runs around 195-200* on a hot day. I have the 190 thermostat installed, original rad and fan. I am wondering what 'normal' temp. is supposed to be? Just for the record I am running a Clevor so the cooling system is different than the 351C.
  7. Nope, that wasn't me. I work on a Military base (Navy), but in Canada. And sorry Cupid, the sister aint your type !!If ya know what I mean....:whistling:
  8. LOL....No but she has a younger one !!!
  9. Ya thats one of my boys ! Gonna have to hide the keys....especially the red one !!!
  10. Hey all !! I know this aint a 69 or 70 but look at what my wife got me for our anniversary !!!
  11. Have you done any exhaust wokr on your car? The local shops are not working with stainless

  12. Have you done any exhaust wokr on your car? The local shops are not working with stainless

  13. Have you done any exhaust wokr on your car? The local shops are not working with stainless

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