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  1. Help... I have a original 1970 Convertible Mustang 351 Cleveland 4sd. Clutch flange that help spring broke and needing welding, i disassembled the steering column , the clutch push rod removed bell housing along with break petal....Once you the flange was reassembled clutch and pedal were good. The steering wheel was reattached to the dash and function fine.. THE PROBLEM The dash pod which was just removed and functioned properly before removal, removal the dash pod required me to unplug the main input off the wiring harness and the black ground from the dash board. When the dash pod was reassembled and put back in all the gauges failed except am meter and speedo. In attempting to make them function, i replaced the circuit board attached to the dash pod twice and the voltage regulator on the circuit board as well, now nothing works and they prior to the clutch pedal repair. Is there a fuse , ground or fusible link that might have blown??? The fusible link near the starter relay is intact and functional, the fuse box under dash is good. What could be the problem any input would be appreciated. Thanku Dominic
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