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  1. Found the yellow fuse block accessory 3-input connector. It was tucked pretty far up inside the dash......needed to fish it out. Thanks much!
  2. Thanks but I'm referring to the wiring harness for parking brake warning light that is located bottom right of the dash between the ignition and wiper switch. One wire connects to the parking brake switch. The other wire has a short bullet connector.
  3. Looking for some guidance on where the pigtail (12V) bullet connector on the parking brake warning light should connect to. Thanks!
  4. Yes. That is exactly what I'm looking for. I have the deluxe seat belt option but no "belts" reminder light. Haven't been able to find one yet. Would seem Scott Drake could make a lot of money if they repro'd these.
  5. Does anyone have the PN for the round 69 seat belts warning/reminder light and wiring harness? This is the small round "Belts" light in the dash between the ignition switch and wiper switch. Thanks
  6. Looking for a lower front end valence for a 1969 GT500. Any suggestions?
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