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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!! First I want to thank everyone that took the time to help me solve this problem, I couldn't have done it without all of you. What solved the problem was getting rotors (with races) for a 1970 Mustang vs. the 1969. Both model years use the same inner and outer bearings and as such I did not have to re-replace them. I did notice immediately that the inner bearing sat further down in the race, the outer bearing I believe did as well since I now have plenty of clearance for the cotter pin through the castle nut. So the spindle numbers I have are obviously a 1970 model year that require a 1970 rotor with the corresponding races. RPM pointed this out.....D0ZA As I mentioned early on the brake job that was done prior had the incorrect rotor, the shop must have taken something off the pads to allow the rotor to function. I hope this helps someone else out in the future. PK
  2. I was on NAPA's website and looked up the part numbers for rotors for a 1969 Mustang Fastback and they are what I purchased according to the receipt (threw out the boxes). There is a different part number for the 1970 mustang front rotor. Unfortunately there are no detailed specs on either on the web page. I am going to go back to NAPA with my new bearings and rotors and see what the difference is, hopefully this will be the answer. I will keep everyone posted. PK
  3. Right you are RPM, I can kind of clearly see that D0ZA are the correct 4 numbers and letters on both spindles.....good eye!! So I will assume that I need rotors that match the following spindles: D0ZA 3107C & D0ZA 3108C What I am also hearing is that may in fact be a 1970 Mustang front spindle. My next task will be to go to NAPA with that information, bring my new bearings and rotors that don't quite fit and see if in fact there is a difference, specifically the space between the 2 races. aslanfe - Thanks for the link to Chocko's webpage I don't see my spindles there but I do have a better understanding of what to look for. Does everyone agree??
  4. So what I am seeing for the spindles are part numbers D04A 3017C and D04A 3108C Does anyone know if these are valid numbers? If so what model do they represent?
  5. So what I am seeing for the spindles are part numbers D04A 3017C and D04A 3108C Does anyone know if these are valid numbers? If so what model do they represent?
  6. If you look closely at the driver side spindle number the first digit does look like a D. On the other spindle the number never made it on the spindle.
  7. I can barely see it but the second half of the part numbers are 3107C and 3108C. I'm not sure about the the first string of numbers. I believe the clue lies there. Does anyone know what the numbers for a 70's spindle are supposed to be??
  8. The bearings I have do fit properly (bore) over the back and front of the spindle, I can't make out the stampings on the spindles however one of them does look similar to what RPM shows on his pic. The numbers on the old bearings match the new ones, the old rotor was not installed properly either. Does anyone know what the numbers of the Granada spindles are supposed to be? Yes it is Royal Maroon.....
  9. Thanks, that's why I bought it. Have it for almost 6 years now. Crate motor with Edelbrock heads, headers etc. Guy before me put in a Tremec 5 speed so it runs well on the highway. Get a lot of compliments on it.
  10. Here are the pics I took of the spindles as well as that of the car. Unfortunately it's not BOSS, it's a "tribute". I knew that when I bought it. The first 2 pics are driver side, the last one is passenger side. Please tell me what these are. Thanks to everyone that has chimed in.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply..... That I do not know, I do know that the rear brakes were converted by the prior owner but those work fine (thankfully) and did most of the stopping before I noticed there were issues. I agree with you that something must have changed along the way. I have seen some blurbs about "Granada" while doing some on-line research. This may be a stupid question but is this "Granada" upgrade using parts from the old Ford Granada? PK
  12. Glad to see a forum dedicated to these Mustangs...... I recently decided to do a complete front brake job on my '69 Mustang Fastback with a 302. I got rebuilt calipers, new rotors (with races preinstalled), pads, and bearings. I packed the inner and outer wheel bearings with grease and tightened the spindle nut. While installing the calipers with the pads attached then tightening the bolts I noticed the outer pad was snug and rubbing against the rotor. The inner pad since the caliper was fully retracted had ample space. I also noticed that the spindle nut barely left any room to put the entire cotter pin in, I could only get half of the pin in. Mind you I purchased all of these parts from my local NAPA store. Here is what I believe is the problem..... The inner and outer races inside both rotors are too far apart from each other, both inner and outer races are seated up against their respective lips so they cannot go any deeper. This is true for both the old and new replacement rotors. I would think an extra 2mm in on both races would solve the problem. The distance between both races is just under 2 inches, I'm guessing 1 7/8. The bearings do seat properly into the races so those pieces appear to match. I'm assuming I need to get rotors that are more precise. I wish I could get specs on various rotors with the correct spacing measurement or know what the correct number should be. The owner before me said the spindles are correct and were never replaced. I will buy whatever I need to get this going if someone could tell me where to go I would appreciate it. Thanks PK
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