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  1. The 302 that I have in my 56 F100 came out of a 85 Lincoln . The balancer has marking on it E4TE-A3A . It has a few cracks on the rubber ring so I was thinking about changing it out. Im just wondering if it is a 28oz or 50oz balancer. It has 4 bolt holes for the serpentine pulley. Cheers
  2. I purchased a 100 amp 1 wire alternator for my 302 that’s in my 56 F100. The instructions just say to connect the alternator straight to the battery or solinoid. Nothing is mentioned about a inline fuse or circuit breaker so I’m just asking for any advice. Should I put one in or not. Thanks
  3. which way do you pull the brake release to dis-engage parking brake. Ive pushed the p brake down but can get it to release. Lines are new but mechanism under dash is OEM.
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