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  1. I would like to thank you guys for your responses ! After reading them i realized i should have given a little more info on this issue , this car has a tach i had to replace the circuit board cause it was torn a little in one of the corners also replaced the voltage regulator.I ohm checked the posts on the gauges to the metal housing and it seamed ok. The other problem is i have no power at the 4 amp fuse i think its #5 the smallest one. I also checked for power at the violet wire at the cluster connector key in on position nothing?
  2. Hello im new here i read some of the forums on here and i told my self you should register and try asking for some help. Well i have a good friend who needed some help finishing putting his car back together its a 1969 boss 429 . The gas and temp gauges are not working. When you ground the connectors going to the sendors the gauges dont sweep i did the 9 volt batt test that was good.One thing that i did find is i downloaded a couple of cluster wiring diagrams and on one i saw the wires going to the connector for the cluster didnt match one of the diagrams but did with another one i saw . Thank you for your time and i would appreciate some help.
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