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  1. This is an old thread but I will comment anyway as engine paint has been the bane of my existence for some time.Nothing you get in a rattle can will match what ford applied at the factory and I mean not even close.I have several engines that are low mile and well preserved that I picked up while living in arizona.One is a 1970 351C,another is a 1968 390 as well as a 1970 429.They all look the same in spite of what Ive heard several MCA judges say about colors being different.They all match exactly and I might add they match exactly to the 400 engine in my dads 1979 F250.No matter who makes the aftermarket paint its always way too glossy and the color is off enough to easily tell with the eye if you know how they originally looked.I think most people dont even care but I have asked a couple of the well known MCA judges who I will not name about how to get the correct color and sheen as I was going to use a paint gun like ford did at the factory and none of the guys I talked to had anything to say about it and I might add got some weird looks for even asking which is strange because alot of these cars are very high dollar and getting it right is very important for a factory assembly line look but what I got from it was they have no idea how to get the color correct so they just shrug it off.Like I said most people dont even care but when you put the time and effort in these cars that alot of people do then it becomes a thorn in the side when you cant get the engine to look right.All one has to do is look at an unrestored low mile car and then look at a nut and bolt restoration of a same model car and you will quickly see how different the colors and appearance are.So far to this point no one has stepped up with the ability to make these engines look assembly line correct.
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