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  1. You actually have yours installed incorrectly. The long metal trim goes in first and the little plastic trim pieces on each side install OVER the ends of the long metal trim.
  2. Looking great!! I have Hagerty insurance and was very upfront with them regarding the car's usage. I'm putting on just about 6K miles a year. When I get in the car there is typically no destination in mind and the only stops are made for gasoline. I just love cruising around in it aimlessly, ticking the miles by. This is my 4th season since getting it back on the road after a total restoration and I'm approaching 20K miles. Hope you're cruising yours very soon.
  3. Can't go wrong with Moto-Lita. Here's my 14" Mark 4.
  4. FYI. I'm using the .64 TKO600 and running a 3.70 gears. At 80 mph I'm turning 2400 rpms.
  5. So sorry to see what happened to your beautiful car. It's my single greatest fear when out driving mine, something I do a lot, averaging just over 6K miles a year. Hope your made whole and you're back on the road sooner than later. I'll be following closely.
  6. No problemo. Went with the electric, it is ridiculously easy to program and very accurate. Gps units weren't an option when I built it and I didn't want to fight with a cable.
  7. Also, I used indicators for the turn signals and high beams from a Harley catalog. I like how the turn signals light up as green arrows and the high indicator has the symbol.
  8. I used one with good results. As mentioned earlier I did have to use longer screws on the bottom of each side of the steering column. You gotta love overdrive!
  9. The headers are a work of art and cleared everything excellently. I bought the style designed for cable clutch clearance but they have others in different finishes. http://www.jbaheaders.com/feature_pages/65-70mustangnew.asp
  10. The headers are JBA# 1655SJS as I'm using the Modern Driveline cable clutch. The exhaust kit is the Magnaflow 15816 2.5" x-pipe.
  11. I have the same heads on my 418W and have had 3 different headers over the years including Hooker Super Comps, Doug's mid-length and now I'm running JBA's. I don't think the slightly raised ports effect bolting up stock style headers. I needed maximum ground clearance so I went with the JBA shorties and couldn't be happier.
  12. There's nothing wrong with no stripes, I think it looks great just as it is. I always thought I would add stripes of some sort to mine but I love the simplicity and clean lines without them. It's your car, do what makes you happy!
  13. Be sure to install the drivers side vent before the e brake assembly.
  14. Saw this on Mustang Monthly online. Seems it may fit the bill, looked it up, costs $800. Looks like you can keep the disc spindle. http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/wheels-tires/1412-how-to-install-big-brakes-on-your-vintage-mustang/
  15. I HATE that the antenna is on the front fender on these cars. I don't know the circumstances but when I bought my car back in the 80's the antenna was on the rear quarter. This allows you to swap it out for a retractable design, making it much easier to throw a cover on. IMO the antenna looks WAY better in the rear. My understanding is the antennas were installed at the dealer? Perhaps my antenna has always been in the back. You can barely see it in the pic.
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