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  1. So squeeze the rounded end of the bracket and push on? Or do you mean the open end?
  2. yes that is the one and similar on brake pedal under dash. Was hoping there was a trick that would make it easy
  3. I am replacing my parking brake. The problem is the retaining clip that holds the base of the cable onto the pedal frame and again under the car where the cable connects to the cable going to the rear brakes. There is a retaining clip holding the cable to the car. Is there a trick to getting these clips back on? I was able to pull them off and get the new parts on but cannot seem to get the clips to insert again. Is there a special tool? Or just a lot of pushing with plyers.
  4. thanks. I looked and don't have clip there but couldn't figure how to get it on. Hopefully this new picture will help.
  5. I haven't looked yet as it is hard to get to as you know but will check thanks.
  6. Also wasn’t sure which wires at plug are for Guage lights so I could check for power there
  7. So I got the heater to work. Thank you everyone for your help. But now onto the next problem. The dash light snow come on. I replace the headlight switch and the plug in it had a bad wire and I’ve fix this. Still no lights. Any suggestions for other common areas are that break thanks
  8. Thanks appreciate ur help
  9. I saw wire clip which is much smaller I included new picture with ruler
  10. Where does clip go? I found mine on floor so not sure where to put it
  11. So I now have heater and radio working except light for heater dash area. I don’t get power to wire that goes to it. I tried with acc. On and off. I also replaced bulb. Any thoughts? Also as I was reinstalling dah the piece fell out on passenger side from dash does anyone know where it goes? Thanks
  12. Also if fuse working wire 257 should have power correct? I could test with volt meter and see ?
  13. Yes my fan worked prior to installing but now does not work at any speed and I’ll recheck fuse but were all working last week. I was thinking switch might b the problem but wasn’t sure
  14. So finally got to work on car again and got the fuses all to work and now the radio works as well. Thanks for the help with these issues. The next thing is the heater. The fan works when directly connected to battery but does not come on when connected internally. I assume that it is either the switch at the dash controls for fan speed or the switch resistor is broken though not sure.. How do I test these items. The videos I have seen suggest the negative feed goes through the resistor but on mine the positive seems to connect to the resistor and the negative wire to the fan is grounded to the metal on the side of the engine compartment. The video suggests touching each of the connectors on the resistor switch and see if each speed works and if so the dash control switch is bad and if not the resistor is bad. If this is correct do I use a positive wire and touch each of the connectors on mine? Is this correct and if not what do I do to test the other parts to find the problem. Thanks
  15. and the brake light plug is what connects to the switch on the brake pedal correct? I won't be able to work on the car for a week or two. Work keeps getting in the way. Ha Ha! I will try plugging in all the plugs where they go and see if that helps with what doesn't work.
  16. the wire in the last picture was yellow with black stripe and light blue with red stripe
  17. So I think I got the fuses working but heater radio and cig lighter don’t work. As I was tracing the wires I found several plugs not being used. Bellow are pictures can someone tell me what they r for. Also 2 silver bodies attached to wires. I thought might b blinker solenoid but there r 2. Thanks 1 is by gas pedal 2 is by radio 3 is bellow gauges on driver side close to door 4 has 2 both above glove box 5 is on passenger side of radio/air controls
  18. So then the battery wires I’m looking for are attached to black box under the green plug?
  19. R the battery wires connected directly to the black fuse box or r they on the green? Box/plug that plugs in to firewall and that the fuse box sits over?
  20. I'm going to work on car today so will try the above and get back. Thanks
  21. I have a 69 mustang 6cyl 250. I put in a new radio but now have no power to the radio. I tested the two wires with a volt meter and got nothing. I checked the fuse which is intact but do not get power on either side to the fuse. if there are any common places for a short to occur that would be helpful . I also have no power to cig lighter and heater and under dash lights if that helps. I did the following 1. The headlights work 2. the engine cranks 3 when placed in acc fuse #1 , #3 and #7 work on both sides of the fuse. Fuse #5 has no power on either side of fuse and fuse 6 has power on one side and not the other. The fuse is not blown that I can see. This is the same on acc and on position 4. fuse #5 has no power at any time. 5. fuse #6 has power on one side but not other and fuse appears intact. I'm not sure where to go next. Do I need to replace the fuse holders. I tried cleaning with sandpaper.
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