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  1. Thanks I guess I should have use an arrow to point but was aking about the black strip along the edge where the door closes. Is that the windlace? If so is it the same size as what runs along the edge of the windshield where it abuts to the side window or is that different. I have a convertible.
  2. What is the black piece on the rear of my convertible door frame called? It seals the back of the door when closed. It’s torn and I want to replace but don’t know what to call it. Thanks
  3. ok i will try that thanks
  4. So squeeze the rounded end of the bracket and push on? Or do you mean the open end?
  5. yes that is the one and similar on brake pedal under dash. Was hoping there was a trick that would make it easy
  6. I am replacing my parking brake. The problem is the retaining clip that holds the base of the cable onto the pedal frame and again under the car where the cable connects to the cable going to the rear brakes. There is a retaining clip holding the cable to the car. Is there a trick to getting these clips back on? I was able to pull them off and get the new parts on but cannot seem to get the clips to insert again. Is there a special tool? Or just a lot of pushing with plyers.
  7. thanks. I looked and don't have clip there but couldn't figure how to get it on. Hopefully this new picture will help.
  8. I haven't looked yet as it is hard to get to as you know but will check thanks.
  9. Also wasn’t sure which wires at plug are for Guage lights so I could check for power there
  10. So I got the heater to work. Thank you everyone for your help. But now onto the next problem. The dash light snow come on. I replace the headlight switch and the plug in it had a bad wire and I’ve fix this. Still no lights. Any suggestions for other common areas are that break thanks
  11. Thanks appreciate ur help
  12. I saw wire clip which is much smaller I included new picture with ruler
  13. Where does clip go? I found mine on floor so not sure where to put it
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