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  1. I looked at multiple sites and only found black. I’m speaking of the plastic piece that covers hole where headrest slides into seat just to make sure I explained the right part. Npd site suggested it should be painted but wasn’t sure if that was true so thought I would ask before I did.
  2. I purchased headrest and headrest guides for my 69 mustang. The guides are black but my seats are white. Originally were these painted the same color as the material or were they left black?
  3. Thanks. The kit has 2 round pieces and 2 oval ones. I see the round one in ur picture. Does the oval one go on the bottom of the seat back ? Also is there one on both sides of the seat or just on the one side?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the adjustment parts that you use to adjust back of seat. I ordered repair set which appear to be rubber stops but my current seats do not have anything so not sure if I have all the parts and where they go. What I bought was Seat Stop Bumper Kit For One Seat 1968-1973. If that is incorrect let me know as well. Thanks
  5. So was able to test wires and ended up being the plug was faulty so I replaced it and all works well. Thank u to all for ur help.
  6. I do have original Wiring and checked all fuses and r good. Flashers and radio work. Will test wires with ohm meter soon. Unfortunately work keeps getting in the way
  7. Yes thanks I plan to do that but if the power does not come from the switch where is the power coming from? Is it connected to 951 or 950 elsewhere?
  8. Thank you. So I tested the switch but wasn't sure if I am testing correctly. If I touch my ohm meter to what would plug into 63 or 763 and then touch the other end to 951 switch terminal then I should get a reading when I push in the switch correct? I'm touching all terminals on switch not the plug. I get readings at the high and low wiper speeds when I turn the switch but nothing at either washer terminal. So I am assuming the switch is bad but wanted to be sure as I am by no means an electrical expert.
  9. Thanks. How does the switch operate. I have a 2 speed switch and can turn on the wipers but no washer fluid. Do I push or pull the switch to turn on spray or is it something else? If it is a bad switch, how do I test the switch to see? Thanks
  10. I was replacing my windshield washer pump and was wondering if there was anything special that needed to be done to prevent leaks? Do I just insert it and put in retaining ring and I am done? Do I need to add grease or glue to prevent leaking? Thanks
  11. Thanks I guess I should have use an arrow to point but was aking about the black strip along the edge where the door closes. Is that the windlace? If so is it the same size as what runs along the edge of the windshield where it abuts to the side window or is that different. I have a convertible.
  12. What is the black piece on the rear of my convertible door frame called? It seals the back of the door when closed. It’s torn and I want to replace but don’t know what to call it. Thanks
  13. ok i will try that thanks
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