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  1. I will work on getting you pictures of the Fastback the needs work. I will have to find the pictures off of FB marketplace to put up here. And the kit car you can buy that I am talking about is on this website https://www.dynacornclassicbodies.com/1969-ford-mustang-fastback/ . And sadly I will have to have other people do the work for me due to the fact that I do not have the tools or heavy equipment needed to properly do it. And should I keep looking for the real McCoy?
  2. Good Day all. I am running into an issue here and need expert advice. I've come across a 1969 Mustang Fastback for $5K but this thing needs some SERIOUS work!! Like everything replaced on it it's that bad. Also no title and Bill of sell only. The issue that I am having is, do I spend more money to completely rebuild this Fastback or do I piece together a kit car that looks like a '69 Fastback Mach 1? TIA
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