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  1. Thanks, it is an automatic, but very much modified, hence no shifter lamp.... As car was rewired in 2000's I think it got a painless harness or the like?
  2. Yes I believe the Brake lights function perfectly!
  3. Hi Brainstrust! I have a 1970 Fastback, the front indicators and emergency flashers & dash lights work perfectly, but the rears do not? How are the rear indicators wired to the front? Is it at the flasher unit under the dash? As I understand theres likely 2 flasher units, but before I take the dash apart (again) want to look for the simple option... No voltage to rear lamps Cant see it being fuse or relays as front lamps are fine.... Car has been rewired at some stag in its life, all main relays positioned behind front RH Headlight.... Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers
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