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  1. Thank you!! I hope to find someone that can use them.
  2. Thank you all for your response. I have not cleaned but getting ready to. Do you have any ideas on that topic? The proper way so I do not damage them? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your response. I hope I can find a person that can use them.
  4. Thank you for the response. i hope i can find someone who can use them.
  5. Hello to all and thank you for letting me join. I was at a taco truck the other day and saw a gentleman recycling cans and plastic bottles. He was trying to recycle some type of car parts but recycler only does cans and bottles. I saw him pull out of his truck tail lights and a dash. The recycler said no so I walked over and approached gentleman about parts before he drove off. Well I ended up buying them and puting them away until yesterday. Wow was I surprised about what they are. I don't know exact year. So please if you can help me out with any info that would be great. I also have Steering column and Steering wheel complete wood and chrome Front and back bumpers. I actually own a 1972 Ford Bronco our family has 5 early Broncos total that take allot of love so I really don't have the time nor a need for these parts. If you are interested E-mail me @ wwcoombs6@gmail.com. or Call or Text me at 1-530-554-5323.
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