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  1. Oh, I can only imagine. Even a fastback was out of my league. But the coupe is growing on me.
  2. Nice post. I am beginning to see the bigger picture here. I'm definitely going to have to check out some shows. And I'm going to probably ask you to shuffle through your stash, if your willing. As an aside- I'd really like to thank everyone. I was discouraged. I was shocked. But you've all made me feel better. I have hope again. Now, keep posting if you know where to find parts!!
  3. That is a huge help. Thank you!!! I do need a headliner for a coupe. I think I have the bows...I think maybe 4 or 5 of them?. I am definitely interested. I'll also hit up those other contacts for stuff. I need just about everything. Lol.
  4. He cant touch my shorts, but I will probably be sending him a few harnesses to rebuild. That's a cool service for sure.
  5. My skin is pretty thick. No offence taken. I totally get what you are saying. I was relieved to buy a mustang. I knew I could get any part I wanted. Much like the Torino crowd, the IH crowd is used to fabrication. Very little aftermarket support causes one to think outside the box. I was tired of that. I want to be able to buy something off the shelf and install it. That sounds weird. I'm used to fabrication, and the grinding, sanding, painting, just to make this certain piece look factory...ish. I am suprised at the cost of mustang parts. But I knew there were guys out there who do cool stuff for the mustang crowd. Much like the link above from the guy who restores gauge clusters. I know I'm rambling, but folks like that will get my money. If you know of any vendors who like that guy, please let me know. When I travel, I like to eat where the locals eat. The same applies here.
  6. No that is what I'm talking about!!! I want to know people like that! Thank you for those links.
  7. I have been there for sure. I once had an early production v8 scout. At the time, it was just another rust bucket. And I would rather have the 500 bucks. So I sold it. That scout today would be worth a small fortune. I hate that I sold it. Btw, my 69 stang doesnt have much, but it has A/C...well most of it anyway.
  8. So basically, what you are saying is that the mustang is the future of the scout. Just now, they (the scout) are commanding huge prices. 40k+ is pretty regular. I used gett phone calls from complete strangers asking me to haul that ole scout away. No so anymore. Now most everyone wants a premium for the pile of rust sitting in the field. But those of us in the know, those who have been in the hobby for 30 years, know where to still find the bargains...like Phil, or many more like him. At one point in history, maybe the mustang was like that...probably not. You bring up some great points. And some food for thought. An amateur like me thought..well there were a bazillion of mustangs made, so there are a bazillion parts. Thus parts are cheap. I guess that is not so. I've spent a life time "making things work" on a scout, cuz no one cared enough to produce it. Now, I am seeing the other side of the coin, and it punched me in the face. The hard truth is, this hobby isnt cheap. Weither you own an orphan, or are the most popular kid in school, it all has a price... I am definitely handy. And I can build pretty much anything. I think the challenges with my scouts/trucks will serve me well... So there really isnt anyone who makes vinyl stickers to replicate the walnut grain of mach one? No one who has a pile of parts anymore? That is totally sad... I guess I better get ready to bite the bullet.
  9. Guys and gals. I am very new to mustangs. I've recently acquired a 69 coupe. My background is in international harvester. Born and raised around them. The best trucks/ SUVs (it has to be, ford copied IH for the bronco) ever, but the mustang is the iconic American muscle car, and I've always wanted one. So, I bought one, well the shell of one anyway. As I have been looking at at vendors, I have realized that I must be missing something... I must apologize beforehand for my rant. I decided to look for a console. 500- 700 bucks for a console with walnut trim. How about a dash overlay in walnut to mimic the mach 1? 200-300 bucks. Seriously? Is there no one who makes vinyl dash overlays for the dash and console for like 50 bucks? Is there no one who sells used parts at a deeply discounted, but fair price? Is there no one who has mountains of toploaders, and 302s just waiting to be picked from? Hundreds of sunvisors, and headliners to sort through? Grills and seats stacked to the ceiling? Are all the vendors that greedy, and are all the customers willing to pay? Or is it like the scout world, where you have newbies who pay the premium price for the nice website that cj pony has? In the IH world, we have a crooked website. They wait to take advantage of the unassuming customers. And, we have a guy named Phil. Phil worked in the production line for scouts in the 60s and 70s. Phil has a huge IH junkyard in Colorado. If it was made, Phil has it, and more than one of it. And, Phil loves IH, and IH people. So, his prices ar fair, and we are happy to support a fellow lover of the orphan SUV. Phil will send out your part, as long as you say you'll put the check in the mail. Really. Is there a guy like that in the vintage mustang world? Or am I stuck paying these prices? Millions of these Mustangs were made. Surely there is someone out there who loves mustangs, and loves mustang people. There is a guy out there who bleeds ford blue, and is willing to invite you to his home, because you bleed ford blue as well? There is a crazy guy hoarding parts, because he loves to?. I was to meet that guy. Is there anyone like Phil? Or am I total idiot? I'm suffering some sticker shock here. And I'm perplexed, because there were some many Mustangs made. The supply should be there to support cheap ass people like me. Lol!! Input, good, bad. Otherwise is appreciated. I need your help. Thanks.
  10. That is a beautiful car!!! Wow!!! And fantastic info. What mods did you have on your 393 to get that power ?
  11. Thanks, I'm happy to be here. And thanks for the head info. I'm really leaning towards aluminum heads. It seems like it's a lot of work just to get the stock heads to even get close. I'd probably have as much in machine work as nee heads would cost. If I'm wrong, please set me straight. Pictures...well, while I was there, I didnt take any. But I'm going to get it on Tuesday and when I get it back home, I will load some up. The car is straight, and the body us clean. It needs new torque boxes up front, and frame rails. And in the rear. The passenger side rail is pretty far gone. It will need to be replaced. It's also going to need a grille and chrome parts up front. Who do you recommend for those type of parts? I've checked out cj pony, and they seemed to have a lot. Are the competitive with quality and price?
  12. This is some great info!!! Thank you for giving me some solid tips. I'll order the book, and check out those videos. Thanks!!!
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Josh, and I'm new here. I recently got my hands on a 1969 mustang coupe. I've always wanted a 69 mustang, so this forum already feels like home. I am not really a novice in the mechanical world, but definitely a novice with this. I have a whole fleet of international harvester trucks and scouts. A few of them have been built from the ground up by me. But my ford experience is limited. I have had several friends with fords through the years. One had a 70 mustang with a 302, another a 67 mustang with a 302, and a real close friend with a 65 truck with a seriously built 390. I've got a buddy who currently has a high body with a 400 in it. Ive spent a lot of time working in those, since I was the guy with the tools.... But, as you may or may not know, there isnt a whole lot of aftermarket support for old internationals. I've pretty much had to fabricate all my stuff. And IH was never known for thier performance engines... So the world of Horsepower and performance is new, atleast first hand....down to the nitty gritty... my wish list. As mentioned, I have a 69 coupe. This is a solid roller, but does not have an engine or transmission. It was a 6 cyl car, but I have new inner fenders and mounts for a v8. Ideally, I would like to have a fun street cruiser. I like manual transmissions, but would settle for an automatic. I'd love to have a 351, but would settle for a 302. I live in fayetteville Arkansas, in the ozarks, so there are a lot of hills here, torque is king.. I will probably end up running holley sniper efi and timing control, but would settle for a carb, as I am familiar with them. Id like to run on regular gas, 87 would be awesome, but any pump gas is good. I'd like 400+ hp/torque. Enough to show the college kids that old muscle is the best muscle. I would like to update the suspension for a daily driver on curvy back roads. I've never been to a drag strip, and I dont see myself in that scene. But I can see me taking my wife to KC or Dallas, or Memphis. All are 5 hours away. I love music and I want to be able to hear it while driving. I have a budget within reason. I'm thinking a 351 with 210 cfm speedmaster or promaxx heads with 58-62 cc combustion chambers.. For the amount I drive, I have a hard time forking out money for twisted, afr or edelbrock heads, even though they are better heads. I will probably run a wieland stealth or edelbrock air gap manifold. I have no idea what cam to run, and I want to keep compression between 9.5 and 11.5...i think. Suspension- I have no clue what's good, but I've read about the shelby drop. Outside of that, I dont know what's good, and what is snake oil. Transmission- I dont really want to spend big money on tko And I feel like a t5 is just too small. So, I'll probably find a toploader. I'll run close to stock height tires(25-27 inches), but make them a little fat, for a more aggressive look. So given this information, how would you build this mustang? I've read so much, I am overwhelmed and cross eyed. Fellow 69ers, show me the way! Thanks for reading all of this, and for your help!!!
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