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  1. I’m have a few question I’m working with a 1969 Mach one and my buddy says he has some old shock towers that I can have for it. I looked at them but the vin on them doesn’t make sense to me. It starts with the star and is 2t10023 then a star. I just want to make sure they will fit a 69. They look the same as the ones off from my car but I thought the 2 was for a 1972. So also wondering if there was anything weird with the stamping on New Jersey built cars maybe? Just got me wondering
  2. The inner rockers are different? I thought the outters were for sure different in lengths. Sorry this is my first project and learning as I go.
  3. Sorry I hope this is the right place for this. I’m working on restoring a 1969 Mach one and while replacing the inner rockers I noticed that the seat belt mounting position for both passenger and drivers side have been moved forward about 6” on the new dynacorn rockers compared to the what I assume stock. They are a fit all 1965+ rocker that npd and CJ pony said I needed but I was wondering if it was an update for safety or because they are more a fit all panel for the early mustangs. Any help would be appreciated and any recommendations for this project aswell
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