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  1. the factory route is what I was wondering, thanks for confirming
  2. through the firewall then into the tunnel similar to the rear brake line?
  3. Hey everybody, working on routing all my wires in my AAW kit. Just wondering what route was factory and what route did everyone use for the back up lights/neutral safety etc that go to the transmission. I had a new floor put in the car so not sure if there needs to be a hole in the hump near the shifter to feed them through. I currently have them through the firewall grommet with the engine bay wires but they don't seem long enough to actually run this way so I imagine that isn't right. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. I know this is an older thread I just joined so please forgive me but I ended up using the suggestions in Mach1 drivers post but the 3/4” was not a good fit for the large portion I swapped it all out for 1.25”which gave lots better coverage.
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