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  1. ridge runner, thanks for the input, least i know , the proper procedure...... thanks again
  2. once that is done and the adjusters for the tie rods are about equal , can you index the steering wheel so the canceling cam for the turn signals will work properly, or are you limited for how many degrees you have to place the steering wheel in its correct position. thanks for your input.
  3. Ridge Runner, are you saying the rag joint has only one way to fasten together and you can not index it....
  4. My 69 Mustang has an issue that i can't put a handle on...starting with the tie rods.. the toe in adjustment is right on , but the adjustment sleeve are not the same or even close right side to left side of tie rods.If i adjust them equal, of course my steering wheel would be out of correct normal position and would index my turn signal cam out of position....where do i make my correction. could my rag joint be the issue and could re -index it if it's possible, or could it be corrected at the steering wheel so my cancel cam for the turn signals would work correctly.. would be nice to know what's the issue.....right now, the steering wheel is on center, the turn signals work fine and the car drives good....just them damn tie rod adjusters are way off.... this is a no hit , never repaired or damaged 69, obviously the previous owner just assembled it wrong.......stumped
  5. looked again for that bullet connector, obviously not in the harness. no where to be found, seat is out so i could take a hard look not in my 69 for sure.
  6. Sun tach is hooked up, i just do not wish to run the +12 volt to the battery, want to tap into the right wire under dash, that is the issue back of the ignition switch is a blank marked PO next to it another connector marked PO this one has has a red with black tracer. dumb ? what does the PO stand for, not into this wiring stuff just trying to find the 12 volts i need for the sun tach.
  7. still looking for the right 12 volt power source to power up my Sun Tac, thanks
  8. you are correct with the yellow connector, but the light is not the issue, thanks for your time
  9. Wanting to install a steering column mounted Sun Tach , issue is finding the right 12 volt power source under dash. read some blog about using the green/red strip out of the ignition switch would be ok... i am not a wiring expert ,so before making the wrong move would appreciate additional input.... thanks for your time.
  10. having an issue on how to remove the bezel. 69 with console. slide bar stuck and need to remove. thanks for your input
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